We’re off to the Big Smoke!

For a few months now Sofia has been asking for us to take her to London. She has been learning all about London at school and she has been itching to get to the big city of London as she “wants to meet the queen and also wants to see Big Ben!”

With the Easter holidays looming, I’ve booked us a few nights away in London as a little break and Sofia for one is over the moon! I’ve not been to London for a good few years and it will be Sofia’s very first trip. We’ve got a couple of nights at the Hilton Tower Bridge which should be nice and I’ve upgraded us to have lounge access which I know from doing here at Manchester Hilton is always worth it.

She’s given me a list of the places she wants to go to….top of the list is to see the Queen! I’ve explained to her that although we can visit the Queen’s house we won’t be able to actually meet her! I’ve told her maybe one day just not this time!

The London Eye is on her list and I have pre-booked us fast track tickets for this as reading online the queues can be pretty big and there is nothing worse than queuing for hours!

She also is excited to go on a big red open top bus and do a tour of the city. I think I will pre-book tickets for this also as it seems there are good savings to be made on most of the attractions if you pre-book tickets.

The Tower of London and Big Ben are on her list, all these landmarks she has been learning about in class and I think it’s going to be great for her to see it all in person!

I’ve booked tickets to take us to the top of the Shard, and we’re going to have a glass of fizz whilst enjoying the views. The Shard is a 95 story skyscraper and promises amazing views of the city. Photos to follow so keep an eye on my blog in a few weeks.

Have I missed any of the main attractions? Have you been to London recently, any recommendations?

We’re going to have a jam-packed few days away and now I’m hoping we have nice weather for our little break as it makes all the difference, so cross your fingers for the sunshine!

Thanks for reading as always, until next time Abbi x






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