Welcome to 2019….

I would like to wish all of my customers a very Happy & Healthy 2019. I love the start of the new year, I usually make lots of resolutions, some of which I keep and some I don’t keep for very long! I think it’s always a great time to start something new or to look at things from a new perspective. Typing this I really can’t believe where 2018 went, last year seemed to fly by so quickly. Thinking back I didn’t have the best start to the New Year being in hospital and then having emergency surgery on the 1 January. I was out of action for the first couple of months so I am really hoping this new year starts off better and I’m very positive it will.

For me and lots of people, the New Year brings on holiday plans, I think it’s the perfect time to start looking for your cruise or holiday. It’s a great time to get something booked it gives you something to look forward to. It’s always a little bit flat after Christmas and New Year, once the celebrations are over, so booking your next cruise is the best pick me up out there! I know I will start searching for our family summer holiday as soon as January begins. We already have a cruise booked for May which we’re all starting to get excited about now so now it’s time to look for the summer. We’ll be holidaying with my sister and her family and my mum and dad again and as you know if you have ever booked a family holiday it takes a bit of work to make sure everyone is happy! My sister is also a cruise specialist so our husbands leave us to it and trust we will find them their perfect holiday!

So why book your cruise in January?? Well, there are lots of offers around in the January sales. Cruise lines often launch some fantastic promotions at this time of year and lots of customers will have waited until now to get their cruise booked. There will, I’m sure be offers of drinks packages, onboard credit, Wifi packages, lots of £’s discounted from the brochures prices and many more extras to add to your cruise booking.

You can also take advantage of our £1 per person deposit offer, which should to be a great help to those pockets especially after all that Christmas spending. It means you can book your cruise on the New Year offers with nothing to pay but £1 per person and then the rest of your deposit eight weeks later.Are you thinking about your next cruise? If so get in touch and I can go through all the New Year offers with you. I’m available on 0800 408 6101 or email me directly, abbiv@cruise.co.uk.

Once again wishing everyone a very Happy & Healthy New Year filled with lots of amazing memories. Abbi xx


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I have been in the travel industry over 20 years, what was meant to be a short summer working in Menorca when I was just 21 turned into many fantastic years within the industry. I have been lucky enough to travel to lots of destinations all over the world, including…

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