Travel insurance….do I really need it?

Well, the answer is of course yes! If you are going on a cruise it is a requirement of the cruise line that all passengers have valid travel insurance. In the past, I have had lots of questions from customers about this…do I really need to have insurance for my cruise? YES, when should I take out my insurance? STRAIGHT AWAY, do I need to tell my insurance company I will be taking a cruise? YES.

I always recommend that once you have booked your cruise (or before) you ensure you book your travel insurance. This way you are covered for any eventualities from the minute you make your booking. If there is any kind of question mark on your ability to get travel insurance for your cruise, call the insurance company before you book your cruise and get a quote. That way you don’t end up with a cruise booking and no way of getting your insurance.

If the thought of going on your cruise with no insurance has ever crossed your mind….well imagine the cost of the medical bills if you needed to be airlifted off your cruise ship and taken to the closest private hospital for emergency medical care. It can run into thousands, more likely hundreds of thousands and without adequate insurance just who is going to foot the bill? It really is as simple as if you are going to cruise you HAVE to have insurance in place.

When you complete your personal information for your cruise they will ask for details such as passport information, the person to contact in case of emergency whilst you are away and for the majority of cruise lines they will ask for your travel insurance details. This involves entering the name of the company, your policy number and also emergency numbers. There are cruise lines, not many, but a couple who don’t ask for this information at this stage but it is still in their terms & conditions that you need to have insurance and if this is checked on embarkation and you are found not to have it you are not allowed to board your ship, it really is as simple as that.

It’s not a chance you ever want to take and god forbid the worst happens would you want to be in that position with no valid insurance… I know I wouldn’t! There are lots of options out there for travel insurance so you can do your research but most importantly don’t get caught out, book your travel insurance as soon as you have booked your cruise! That way you can relax in the knowledge that if anything happens that you didn’t foresee then you are covered and of course you are covered for your cruise holiday!

As always thanks for reading, until next time Abbi x


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