Travel agents….and just why YOU Need them!!

Well what a week it’s been with the collapse of Monarch, it has sent shock waves through the travel industry and here at our team have been working hard to ensure that our cruise customers have been looked after and that it has had a minimal effect on their cruise booking.

I have been so sad and upset for all those employees waking up last week to find their job had gone…just like that! I have been in that situation before, a good few years ago now but I remember how heart-breaking it was. A lot of these people have worked for Monarch for many years and I’m sure feel very lost at the moment. Like me they will find themselves another job, another company but it will be a very hard time I’m sure for them all.

It’s times like this when you really need your travel agent, you need their expertise, you need the knowledge that your cruise booking is covered by Atol, you need to know that your travel agent is going to take control and ensure that you are still able to get to your cruise, your hotels and have the cruise holiday you planned. When you book your cruise package and pay that little bit extra it’s peace of mind that if the worst does happen you will be looked after by your agent.

Is it really worth saving those few pounds to book each part of your cruise holiday yourself?  Who is going to help you when things like this happen, the short answer is no one. You may get a refund for your flights, but it will be your responsibility to make sure you are at the port in time for your cruise. You will have to pay the higher cost of the flights, possibly book extra nights in hotels and not to mention all the stress whilst trying to do this.

Within hours of the news breaking and the collapse of Monarch, we had our cruise customers re booked on new flights. They didn’t have to do anything themselves, they left it in our hands and as their cruise specialists we ensured new arrangements were made for their cruise holiday, including extra nights in hotels if required at no extra cost to them.

Those customers who booked their cruise as a package with ourselves and other agents covered with Atol have been looked after and alternative arrangements have been made for them. Our team of  cruise specialists care about your cruise booking just as much you . Those customers who  booked their cruise separately and took care of their own flights have found themselves in a very difficult and expensive situation not to mention stressful.

You may pay a slightly higher price to have your cruise booking secured as a package but it’s times like this when it speak volumes on just how much it is worth spending those few extra pounds. The next time you think about going it alone perhaps think again, remember you may save a few pounds but what could it cost you in the long run?

Have you found yourself effected by the collapse of Monarch? Have you been looked after by your cruise agent or did you go it alone?
I would love as always to hear your feedback.

thanks for reading as always Abbi x




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