Symphony of the Seas…my trip continued….

So as I said last time I loved Royal Caribbean’s latest ship Symphony of the Seas.. I wasn’t too sure beforehand if she was going to be just too big, but I can safely say although without doubt a huge ship Symphony doesn’t feel too big once you’re on board. In fact all the different neighbourhood’s and places on board are fantastic, so much choice. I often talk to my customers who are new to cruising and they¬† worry that they will feel enclosed and trapped, with Symphony it’s the total opposite there are so many different places to be on board you really do forget you are even on a ship.

I mentioned last time the Boardwalk as one of my favourite places on board. Central Park another neighbourhood on board was another part of the ship I really loved. There’s plants and tree just as you would find in a park and it really is a pretty area on board. It’s a really relaxed and calm with people have a quiet wander or sitting just enjoying the atmosphere. You’ll find Chop’s Grill here which is one of the speciality restaurants on board. I didn’t dine there but people I knew did and they couldn’t speak more highly and definately worth a try if you’re on board.

One of my favourite bars is Rising Tide….it’s a bar that moves between decks as you enjoy your drink. You can get on at the Promenade deck and it takes you up to Central Park, there is a time table to say what time the bar will rise and then come back down. It’s a small bar area so make sure you get with time to spare before the bar is about to rise to get a seat.

Another bar on board which was very popular was the Bionic Bar, a bar with robotic arms making and serving your drinks! Very novel and a great crowd pleaser. I have to say that it didn’t work as planned when we used it, first of all the lady who had ordered her drink on the Ipad just before us didn’t log out , we didn’t realise and got on with ordering our drink. Of course when we then tried to swipe our card to release the drink it didn’t work as it needed her room card. It also broke a few times, I think the bar tender who was wondering around said it does have a tendency to be temperamental, still a fantastic experience and where else do you see anything like that but on Royal Caribbean ships!

There are a massive 26 bars and lounges on board Symphony, gives you an idea of the sheer size of her and also the amazing choice a ship like this has to offer. I think that’s the key there really is something for everyone, for all tastes and for all ages. So if you have been thinking of trying a big ship I can highly recommend Symphony of the Seas….I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Next time I’ll be taking a closer look at the facilities on board for children…and as I’m sure you can imagine Symphony is undoubtedly a children’s paradise!

thanks for reading as always Abbi x




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