Artiss - replied to Brennan (12 Mar 18 13:22)

We totally dislike Gratuities, this is why and probably why others don't do a lot of cruising, I have heard it keeps the staff on their toes to provide an excellent service, I believe the policy is a way of paying extra to the crew, without the cruise company having to pay a decent wage. Quality of Service and Standards is a Management job to inforce. Tony .

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Atkinson - Answered a Question by Pearson (18 Mar 18 19:11)

I have always wondered why we as passengers have to top the wages up for the crew, when I go into a shop I’m not expected to pay then over 12 dollars for the privledge, we have already paid for the holiday not inexpensive either, the cruise Companies make thousands on every cruise, what with 15% charge on a drink the prices in the shops. And to charge us the added tax for the crew not just once but every day. Why don’t they add it to the price of the cruise and pay the crew a decent wage I only go with cruise lines who don’t make a fuss when I take one lot of tax off when there is 2 of us, never had any problems, but I know some cruise lines don’t allow this.

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