Mustafa - Answered a Question by murphy (26 Jan 08 11:51)

Hi there, They had Bingo everynight while we were there (just returned on 24th Jan 08). It takes place in the Marquee (deck 7 forward) at 7.15pm. The cost of tickets are 3 for 10.00 pounds or 1 for 5.00 pounds. Tickets can be purchased at the casino desk on deck 8 or outside the Marquee fron the Bingo Bunny. These are on sale from 6.30pm. Once the Bingo has finished you can take your used tickets to the Casino desk and exchange these for Raffle Tickets for next days raffle. As for quizes they normally have 2 pub Quizes per day in the Casbah at 2.00pm & 5.00pm. But do check your daily guide while onboard for any changes / updates.

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Harding - Answered a Question by murphy (29 Feb 08 16:35)

The bingo that is played is american style bingo though played with the word BINGO across the top of your ticket and you play for, 4 corners, 1 horizontal line, picture frame, 2 vertical lines and a full house. Please though when they tell you how much a house is worth please shout "HOW MUCH?" and when they repeat how much please shout "OOOH THATS NICE". We came back off this cruise on the 24th of Jan it is something that we were doing every evening at bingo. Would be nice if it continued oh and good luck I hope you win I did....I won the picture frame house for £7.

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