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Do not book with Costa!
Costa Cruises / Costa Magica / Baltic
By Shining , Sg on 29th Aug 2019
Worst customer service ever! Costa did not let me board as I was 25 weeks pregnant even though I had a medical note. While I respect their policy, their staff were extremely rude. Costa also made absolutely no disclosures about their policy when ...
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Never again with Costa
Costa Cruises / Costa Mediterranea / Europe
By nicholls, PETERBOROUGH on 17th Aug 2019
Prior to this cruise I have been on Carnival, Celebrity and Thompson. Costa has nothing on these ships. - So let's start at the beginning I thought i'd book a nice spacious balcony cabin for our family having had one with Celebrity ( at a much c ...
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Do not sail with Costa
Costa Cruises / Costa Victoria / Adriatic
By Beaumont, Kingston Upon Thames on 23rd Apr 2019
We sailed from Mauritius to Venice, we picked this trip because of the itinerary I did look at some of the reviews before we went, but unfortunately I was too late to cancel. A lot of what I have to say has been said elsewhere, so I will confine my ...
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Amazing holiday
Costa Cruises / Adventure of the Seas / Mediterranean
By Lilly , Birmingham on 22nd Apr 2019
We had a wonderful time! It ticked all the boxes. It was a truly luxurious experience. We created amazing memories. It was our first ever cruise and now we cant wait to do it again. The ship was very clean and stylish with lots to do on board. Our ca ...
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Costa is a truely wonderful company
Costa Cruises / Costa Mediterranea / Europe
By Brunt, Swansea on 13th Apr 2019
Costa is the most wonderful cruise company out of 7 different ones that I have been on, some of which were pretty poor to say the least of it. Costa on the other hand were wonderful on all the ones of theirs that Ive been on. This is for all the ship ...
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Costas downfalls
Costa Cruises / Costa Mediterranea / Middle East
By gaglione, london on 5th Apr 2019
Chose this ship after researching places to visit and price to pay. Unfortunately it goes without saying, (you get what you pay for) and this is a shambolic run vessel in a fleet which could not care about customer care and well being! After booking ...
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Two Costa cruises
Costa Cruises / Costa Victoria / Indian Ocean
By Jeal, Enfield on 3rd Apr 2019
My partner and I have been on several Costa cruises, the last two being a transatlantic on Costa Deliziosa departing !st December 2018 and Costa Victoria to the Indian Ocean departing 1st March, 2019. Both cruises were preceded by a short stay, two n ...
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