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Costa is a truely wonderful company
Costa Cruises / Costa Mediterranea / Europe
By Brunt, Swansea on 13th Apr 2019
Costa is the most wonderful cruise company out of 7 different ones that I have been on, some of which were pretty poor to say the least of it. Costa on the other hand were wonderful on all the ones of theirs that Ive been on. This is for all the ship ...
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Costas downfalls
Costa Cruises / Costa Mediterranea / Middle East
By gaglione, london on 5th Apr 2019
Chose this ship after researching places to visit and price to pay. Unfortunately it goes without saying, (you get what you pay for) and this is a shambolic run vessel in a fleet which could not care about customer care and well being! After booking ...
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1st time with Costa, very impressed!
Costa Cruises / Costa Mediterranea / Mediterranean
By Taylor, Gainsborough on 10th Jan 2019
sailed with a few different cruise lines but this was a last minute deal on the Costa Mediterranea, read some reviews on the ship before we went and wasn't sure what to expect really, but as soon as we stepped on the ship, were greeted by friendly st ...
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Getting to know you easily
Costa Cruises / Costa Mediterranea / Mediterranean
By Cox, Hertford on 20th Nov 2018
If I remember correctly this Cruise left from the lovely port of Trieste, Italy. As is normal on my cruises which I do solo is the nervousness of meeting my fellow dining companions. There were 11 on our table no87. 2 young Lithuanians, 2 air-hostess ...
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A CURATES EGG ? Good in parts !!
Costa Cruises / Costa Mediterranea / Dubai
We had not been to the United Arab Emirates, and found a Costa cruise that appealed us, and at a bargain price ! We flew from Manchester on the huge Airbus 380 to Dubai. A smooth overnight flight, that departed late, but arrived in Dubai on time. ...
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Costa Crap
Costa Cruises / Costa Mediterranea / Middle East
By Steele, Langrick on 3rd Feb 2018
Where to start,I don't think I can find anything nice to say. Booked on the Costa Mediterranea sailing from Dubai and over Xmas so looking forward to the Xmas festivities having cruised for over 20years . First and last time on this appalling Cost ...
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Costa Mediterranea Magig or Mayhem?
Costa Cruises / Costa Mediterranea / Europe
By cox, alicante on 22nd Sep 2017
Mediterranea, Magic or mayhem. We have just returned from a 13 night cruise aboard the Costa Meditteranea. We flew with Iberia from Madrid to Stockholm and had a few days in Stockholm before boarding the ship. Below is OUR opinion on the ship and ...
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