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You Won’t Believe What’s Inside Your Cruise Ship Cocktails

You Won’t Believe What’s Inside Your Cruise Ship Cocktails

One of many people’s favourite things about cruising is relaxing at a bar with one of those exotic sounding cocktails.

But however lovely it might be to settle down in a comfy bar chair, watching the ocean slide by, sipping your latest favourite did you realise just how seriously damaging they can be if you’re trying to watch your weight?

There’s the standard cocktails that we’ve all heard of – the creamy White Russian, the even more gloriously decadent Black Russian, the ones we’ve seen in movies – the Manhattan, Margarita and Vodka Martini. And then our other favourites; the Tom Collins, Cosmopolitan, Whiskey Sour, Sidecar, Daiquiri, Bloody Mary… the list goes on! And those are just some of the well-known ones. The bar staff on every ship will also have their own specialities and there’s often a cocktail of the day or week!

If you look online you’ll be more than a bit confused how many calories each glass could cost you – we always are when checking on calorie counts of food and drink! But it boils down to deciding which ones you’re most likely to choose and which of those you really shouldn’t.

cruise dinning

Ready to be flabbergasted? Here is the list of the calorific content of those delicious drinks…

Mai Tai – a typical one can ‘cost’ as much as 620 calories as it is made from white rum, dark rum, orange curacao, lime juice and orange syrup!

Frozen Margarita – anything from 500-700 calories!

Piña colada – that evocative drink reminiscent of balmy nights is surely delicious. Its calorie count depends on size but could get close to 600 calories!

Mud Slide – a slippery 556 calories!

Long Island Iced Tea – (the classic demonstration of how multiple spirits adds up to a calorie-rich drink) 430 calories at least!

Bahama Mama – tastes like it sounds but you’ll drink 350 calories!

Sex on the Beach – (go on, you’ve always wanted to try it but never dared to ask) … will tot up to 330 calories!

All of which make the more typical Vodka & Tonic or Gin & Tonic quite ‘cheap’ at about 150 calories a time!  Oh, and remember a rule of thumb calculation would tell you that men should consume no more than around 2,500 calories and women 2000 calories a day…depending on how active you are, of course!

It’s not all bad news though, if you’re trying to diet whilst you’re on your cruise you don’t have to avoid all the cocktails!!

Instead, why not swap these particularly calorific cocktails for something a bit lighter?

cruise ship dinning

Instead of a Mai Tai…

Have a Mojito! A Mojito weighs in at around 200 calories depending on what it’s made with and it’s a deliciously fresh low calorie alternative.

Swap your Mudslide…

For a Chocolate Martini. The martini only contains vodka and crème de cacao instead of the two types of ice cream found in the mudslide and is still an enjoyable chocolate treat that comes in at 438 calories.

Say goodbye to your Pina Colada…

For a White Russian. Whilst still creamy and delicious it is slightly less calories than its pineapple flavoured friend. At 257 calories you can enjoy your dessert in a glass in peace!

Ditch the Long Island Iced Tea…

For a Cosmo! Whilst still fairly alcoholic the Cosmo is less potent than the Long Island Iced Tea and has 213 calories.

Change your Margarita…

For a tequila sunrise. You’ll still enjoy that distinctive tequila kick but lose the extra calories of the triple sec. You waistline will thank you as the Sunrise only has 170 calories!

cruise ship cocktails


Would you consider swapping your cocktails to minimise the calories?

Do any of the calorie counts of these drinks shock you?

Or do you, (like many of us) refuse to diet when going on a cruise?

Let us know in the comments below!


If you want to learn more about staying slim on a cruise then why not take  a look at Cruise Yourself Slim – A book published recently by Martin & Marion Shirran, of the Elite Clinic in Spain, using the in-depth knowledge they gained by polling you, our Cruise Community.

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