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You Won’t Have To Lift Your Suitcase Once With This Cruise Line’s Luggage Service!

You Won’t Have To Lift Your Suitcase Once With This Cruise Line’s Luggage Service!

Windstar Cruises has just revealed a new partnership with a baggage shipping company to ship passengers’ suitcases from their house to the ship. to ease the travel process for cruise passengers.

Luggage Forward is the luggage valet service that eases the travel process for cruise passengers by taking away the stress of dragging suitcases through the airport and port facilities.

Guests are assured that bags will be delivered undamaged and on time, along with the offer of a money-back plus $500 on-time guarantee.

“Windstar Cruises is very pleased to add this new luggage forwarding service to our selection of amenities and services,” said Windstar President John Delaney in a company statement.

“Our guests are pretty intrepid travellers with well-developed packing skills, but whatever size your bag is, not dragging it through the airport enhances the ease and freedom of your travel experience.”

Luggage Forward’s official website states that any cruise passenger can use the service to ship items to any cruise line in more than 200 countries.

However, it partners with cruise lines such as Windstar (as well as Holland America, Princess, Oceania, Viking Ocean and River, Regent Seven Seas and Seabourn) to offer additional benefits.

While the partnership does not offer special rates, Luggage Forward’s manager of strategic partnerships, Josh Veryser, clarified it does offer instant online booking onboard for return service.

Additionally, Windstar ship information is automatically loaded into the online booking system and guests will receive auto-generated shipping labels and customs documents (without the usual wait for paperwork processing).

Passengers onboard Windstar will have their bags collected directly from the ship (and delivered directly to their cabins), rather than having to disembark and clear customs with their luggage before turning it over to be shipped.

Prices vary but start at $104 (to U.S. ports) and $159 (international) for a 25-pound bag, or $124 (U.S.) and $244 (international) for a 50-pound bag.


What do you think of the luggage service? What did you vote in our poll? Is this something that would seriously decrease the stress at the beginning of your cruise? Leave us your comments below!

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