Why You Should Book Your Next Solo Cruise with Cunard

Why You Should Book Your Next Solo Cruise with Cunard

Embarking on a solo cruise can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can gift yourself. It’s not just about travel; there’s the thrill of autonomy, the luxury of following your own schedule, and the sheer joy of meeting new friends in a unique shared environment.

When reviewing the different cruise lines for solo travellers, Cunard is an excellent choice. With the line’s personalised service and exceptional standards, everything is catered to your comfort, luxury and sense of adventure.

In this blog, we’ll explore what makes Cunard solo cruises perfect for those looking to indulge in a bit of independence on their cruise holiday. Alongside sharing why Cunard Cruises for singles are some of the best around, we’ll also reassure you about things like dining, socialising and excursions, all of which may seem a little daunting when travelling alone.

So, read on and get ready to discover your travelling independence with Cunard’s solo cruises. 

A Heritage of Hospitality

Cunard is more than a cruise line; it’s a tradition that dates back to 1840, offering journeys steeped in elegance and grandeur. Each ship in the fleet reflects this prestige, from the majestic Queen Mary 2 to the refined Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth and Cunard’s stunning newest addition, Queen Anne.

Known for its iconic transatlantic crossings, Cunard has long been synonymous with luxury and impeccable service. As one of Cunard’s solo cruise guests, you can be assured that this expertise in delivering top-quality hospitality will provide an all-encompassing experience defined by elegance, ease, safety and impeccable service. 

Cunard’s Single Cabins: Designed with You in Mind

One of the first questions typically asked by solo travellers looking at Cunard Cruises is, “Do Cunard Cruises have single cabins?” The answer is yes; these cabins have been thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of Cunard’s solo cruise guests and are available across the entire fleet.  

When looking at Cunard for singles, its dedicated solo cabins are a standout attraction. From the refined, art deco elegance of Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth single cabins to the thoughtful luxury of Cunard’s Queen Victoria single cabins, these private retreats are perfect for relaxation and reflection.

Cunard has equipped its single cabins with all the luxurious amenities of standard staterooms but scaled for individual comfort. For instance, choose Cunard’s single cabin with an ocean view and alongside the breathtaking views across the water, you’ll enjoy a generous bathroom with a shower and plenty of storage room.

There is no Cunard single occupancy supplement for its dedicated single cabins. However, if you are looking for a bit more space, you can book a double cabin for an extra cost. 

Engaging Activities for Every Interest

Cunard’s cruises for solo travellers does not mean you have to be alone—unless you want to. Cunard prides itself on an abundance of activities suited to every interest and energy level. As a solo cruise guest on Cunard, you’ll find the freedom to join in as much or as little as you like.

There are also plenty of opportunities to meet up with other solo guests, with Cunard’s cruises for singles hosting events such as dedicated coffee mornings and cocktail receptions, as well as a variety of group activities. 

Each day offers a new array of options; perhaps you’ll discover a new passion in a watercolour class, challenge your intellect at a guest lecture, or enjoy a film screening in the onboard planetarium on Queen Mary 2. On Queen Elizabeth, you can explore its special games deck, where you can join a deck game tournament or get some instruction in activities such as bowls, croquet, or deck tennis. 

For those seeking relaxation, the luxurious Mareel Spa offers wellness treatments that rejuvenate the body and soothe the soul—perfect after a day of exploration.

Evenings on Cunard Cruises are just as lively, with gala balls, live West End-style theatre performances and the ever-popular pub quizzes where you can team up with fellow cruise guests or enjoy the friendly competition as a party of one.

Itineraries That Inspire Solo Discovery

Cunard’s carefully curated itineraries make every destination accessible and exciting. Whether you’re interested in the fjords of Norway, the vibrant cities of the Mediterranean, or an extended voyage discovering the delights of Asia, Cunard offers itineraries that are as diverse as they are engaging. 

Cunard’s cruises have solo travellers in mind, with each itinerary offering a range of planned excursions that provide the safety and convenience of an organised tour while allowing you to immerse yourself in the local cultures. If you prefer independent exploration, Cunard’s destinations offer ample opportunity to venture out on your own, with tips and advice from onboard experts to help you make the most of your time ashore.

Dining: A Delightful Solo Experience

Cunard’s dining experiences are a highlight of the solo travel adventure, with a diversity of cuisines and dishes inspired by the destinations visited. With Cunard’s single-seating dining, you’ll always have a table reserved for you in the main Britannia Restaurant. Of course, if you’d like to dine with company, there is also the option to sit at a shared table.

Alternatively, you can enjoy laid-back buffet-style dining at The Lido and Kings Court, which offers a wide range of international dishes from breakfast until late evening. Or treat yourself to one of the speciality restaurants, delighting in dishes such as surf and turf at steakhouse at The Verandah. 

Why Cunard is Your Top Choice for Solo Cruises

Choosing Cunard Cruises for your solo adventure means choosing a holiday that caters to your desire for freedom, fulfilment, and engagement. This cruise line understands the unique needs of single cruise guests, combining the luxury of solo cabins, a variety of engaging activities, and enriching itineraries that inspire adventure with the warmth and safety of a community environment. 

If you’re considering a solo adventure, Cunard’s cruises for singles stand out as the premier choice for those seeking both the solitude and the camaraderie of cruising.

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