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Relax to the Max: Why Cruises Beat Land Holidays

Relax to the Max: Why Cruises Beat Land Holidays

Imagine a holiday where everything is taken care of, and the stresses of everyday life float away as you glide on a floating 4* hotel to destinations you could only dream of. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t.

Cruising can be a great alternative to a land-based holiday for so many different reasons, it can be cheaper than booking individual hotels, and most cruise lines now offer all-inclusive packages, so you can enjoy your holiday without having to worry about the extra costs!

Not sold on cruising yet? Keep reading to discover how to have your cake and eat it too…

See More of the World

A cruise offers the opportunity to travel to a multitude of destinations, you can pretty much cruise anywhere in the world, fancy a cruise to China? America? Or even the Arctic? There’s a cruise package for you!


Don’t want to pick just one location? There are even 3-month-long packages available where you can travel the world. If you’re worried about not seeing enough of the actual destination, some lines offer overnight stays in hotels in the port – all included in your price! So you really can have your cake and eat it too!

Better Value for Money

When thinking about travelling, one thing will usually put you off…the cost! However, if you choose to cruise, most packages are all-inclusive including all your drinks, food and entertainment, which are the main things you’re going to splash out on during a land-based holiday.

You can even find deals that are cheaper than staying in hotels, and with ships now being considered to be either on par or better than 4* hotels, we think that’s good value!


You’re the Cruise That I Want!

The entertainment on board cruise ships is truly unrivalled. If you’re a musical or theatre buff, then a cruise is definitely for you. You can hop on a cruise and see your favourite show brought on board!

Broadway calibre performances of classics like Greece and Mamma Mia are among many you can see, the shows you love cruise too! Musicals, not your scene? Not to worry!


There’s also live music and comedy most nights. Not to mention there are casinos to rival the Las Vegas strip, onboard cinemas, gyms and spas! There’s more entertainment available than your average resort and it’s all included in the package price!

Family Friendly

Struggling to think of things to do with the kids? You don’t have to worry on a cruise! Newer ships offer things for the entire family. There are clubs and themed parties available for the kids, and bars and evening activities for the adults.

Disney Cruise line even has a daycare and clubs where you can leave the kids in the capable hands of the staff, leaving you to get on with what you want! Newer ships even feature bigger staterooms, so not only is there something for everyone, there’s space for everyone too!


It’s Easier!

When going on a land-based holiday, there’s so much to worry about, like how far away is my hotel from the airport? How much luggage can I take? Among numerous other things… But with a cruise, all of those worries will just flutter away. Once you’re on your ship, you’re on it!

Imagine it as a floating hotel waiting to transport you to the most lusted-after locations, but this time you don’t have to pack, unpack, or worry about congested airports and transport fares! You keep the same room throughout your trip, abolishing the ‘where am I going to stay tonight?!’ fear. How’s that for peace of mind?


Disconnect From Life

On a ship you’re literally in the middle of nowhere, so leave your troubles at home and jump on a cruise! You will literally be an ocean away from the chaos of day-to-day life, and with numerous relaxation options available on board, a cruise is a perfect way to unwind and detach yourself from the negative energies of work and stress!


Relax, It’s All Taken Care of!

There’s no need to stress trying to plan what to do each day, on board you’ll find detailed cruise itineraries, so you can relax and know exactly what you’re going to be doing every day of your holiday! It’s perfect for those who can never decide how to spend their time, or get stressed trying to fit everything all in!


No Need to Leave Your Favourite Spa Behind!

Is your favourite spa on land and you’re worried that another spa won’t offer the same treatments or service? Well, now popular land spas are hopping on cruise ships too!

Among those who are setting sail are Canyon Ranch, one of the top promoters for healthy living and luxury, and Elemis Spa, where you can get the top of the range skin and body care treatments. You’ll end up coming back off your cruise looking 10 years younger!


So now you know why we think it’s better to cruise than go on a land holiday! What do you think? Do you usually go on land holidays or cruises? Which one do you think is better?

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