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Who ate all the….. Berries?

Who ate all the….. Berries?

Seabourn have always prided themselves on offering an ultra-luxury cruise experience to their guests. A high standard of ship, a high standard of food with the ability to cruise to ports that other, larger ships just cant get to. Seabourn have always liked to go the extra mile though, doing things for their guests that were unasked or unexpected – These ‘special moments’ on their cruises they refer to as Seaborun moments.

A Seabourn moments is that moment on a cruise that was unlooked for, completely unexpected but leaves you talking about it after. It can be something as simple as a crew member fetching you a blanket whilst you’re watching the sunset out on deck just because he noticed you shivering right through to Seabourn ordering 700lbs of berries!

On a recent voyage it had been noted that the guests on the Seabourn Sojourn just couldn’t seem to get enough of berries. As a result, when the ship stopped at Durban, South Africa, Seabourn made a special delivery of 700 pounds of fresh berries.

Yes, 700lbs!!!

A shipment of strawberries, blueberries blackberries and raspberries were loaded on an Emirates plane and delivered to the ship for its guests to enjoy.

How’s that for a Seabourn moment?

You can learn more about Seabourn here or you can read more about other Seabourn moments here.

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