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Where to See the World’s Best Fireworks on a Cruise

Where to See the World’s Best Fireworks on a Cruise

As we rapidly head towards the holidays, before you know it, the countdown to the New Year will have begun. For many, New Year’s Eve celebrations mean fireworks. However, did you know that if you see fireworks displays from a cruise ship, you can enjoy some of the best views around?

Yet, fireworks are not just saved for the New Year. From Independence Day festivities in New York to Chinese New Year celebrations in Hong Kong, we’ve gathered a list of the best fireworks displays from around the world and shared how to see fireworks on a cruise.

See Rio de Janeiro’s New Year’s fireworks on a cruise

Brazil knows how to host fabulous parties. After Carnival, their New Year’s Eve celebrations, also known as ‘Reveillon’, are the second biggest of the year. The party on Copacabana Beach attracts more than 2.5 million tourists and locals every year.

The atmosphere is exceptionally jovial, with live music, dancing on the beach and champagne. The fireworks usually start at midnight, but partygoers will keep going until dawn. 

Several cruise ships, including those belonging to MSC Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises, often anchor off Copacabana on 31st December, meaning guests can experience the unique view of the New Year fireworks from a cruise ship while enjoying the cruise line’s exclusive New Year festivities.

Celebrate New Year’s with fireworks in Sydney, Australia

As one of the first countries in the world to welcome in the New Year, the Australians get the party started in style. Watching fireworks displays over the iconic Sydney Opera House with the colours reflected in the harbour waters is an immense spectacle.

Fred. Olsen Cruises and Azamara Cruises regularly have cruise ships that dock in Sydney harbour at New Year. Numerous private charters and ticketed boats also anchor here, offering breathtaking views of one of the world’s best fireworks displays from a cruise ship.

As well as an awesome fireworks viewing spot, New Year’s Eve cruises usually include food and drink, too, ensuring incredible end-of-year celebrations. 

However, don’t worry if you miss out on getting to see the fireworks show from a cruise ship; there are plenty of other fantastic viewing points to watch the show all over the city.

An extravagance of pyrotechnics in Dubai 

Dubai is renowned for its opulence, and its New Year’s Eve fireworks celebrations certainly live up to this reputation. These epic fireworks and cutting-edge laser shows draw hundreds of thousands of revellers every year.

This year, the show seeks to set a new world record for the largest light display, with light beams travelling the longest distance yet recorded.

At the centre of the festivities is the Burj Khalifa tower, the tallest in the world. This building dominates the city’s skyline day-to-day, but on New Year’s Eve, its presence is magnified a thousand-fold with the radiant displays.

Celebrity Cruise ships dock in Dubai to provide their guests and crew with the best views of these fireworks shows.

Enjoy the Chinese New Year fireworks festivities in Hong Kong

Whether you head to Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai, you won’t be disappointed by their most magnificent Chinese New Year celebrations. With dazzling arrays of lights, colours and sounds, the cities’ firework displays provide just part of the celebrations, which also include parades and dragon dances, colourful floats, costumed lions and drummers.

In Hong Kong, you can see the Chinese New Year’s fireworks on a cruise ship anchored in Victoria Harbour. Enjoy a front-row view of one of the largest fireworks displays of the year, with free-flowing drinks and cruise line entertainment, all from the luxury of the cruise ship.

Experience the light shows of Diwali in New Delhi

Known as the Festival of Lights, Diwali is a Hindu religious festival that lights up night skies around the world between October and November. One place to experience some of the most wonderful celebrations is New Delhi in India. 

During the Festival of Lights, there are gorgeous hanging lights across the city, colourful costumes, feasting and dance performances. 

To see New Delhi by cruise ship, look out for Golden Triangle river cruises, which include destinations such as New Delhi, Agra (for the Taj Mahal) and Jaipur.

Marvel at Malta’s International Fireworks Festival

Every year at the end of April, the capital of Malta, Valletta, hosts Malta’s International Fireworks Festival. Visit to experience these colourful celebrations lasting over several nights, where local firework producers compete to showcase their best pyrotechnics skills.

Cruise ships drop anchor in the Valletta Grand Harbour to allow guests to see these brilliant fireworks shows on a cruise ship, then go on to sail around the other beautiful destinations on this island.

Discover the Bastille Day celebrations in Paris

Bastille Day is France’s most notable national holiday, commemorating the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789 and a more democratic political landscape. Celebrated each year on the 14th July, festivities include music, arts and dancing.

Then in the evening, the Eiffel Tower becomes iridescent with colour as the sky is illuminated with a stunning firework display.

The River Seine provides the perfect location to see these extraordinary displays, enabling you to see the fireworks shows from a cruise ship as part of a romantic dinner cruise.

Revel in Independence Day’s fireworks celebrations in New York

Independence Day (also known as the Fourth of July) commemorates the passage of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 by Continental Congress. Fireworks are a significant part of America’s Fourth of July celebrations, and one of the best places to experience them is New York.

America’s largest fireworks show is Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks, which has been lighting up the New York City skyline since 1976. The ultimate in patriotic events, in 2022, it created a two-hour spectacular with approximately 1,920 shells and effects per minute.

There are plenty of Fourth of July cruises for the firework displays in New York, offering their guests unobstructed views of some of the best firework shows in the world.

As well as taking in this magical display, cruise ships sail down the Hudson River to showcase the iconic Manhattan skyline, with sights including the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge.

Which cruise lines have the best fireworks shows?

While there are many opportunities to book a dinner, party or even holiday cruise where the cruise ship anchors to take in these world-renowned firework displays, nearly all cruise lines cannot have their own fireworks shows onboard. Fire risk is a significant concern on cruise ships; therefore, fireworks are usually prohibited onboard.

However, if you are keen to see a cruise firework display, one exception is Disney Cruise Line. With their ships specifically built for this purpose, Disney Cruise Line offers fireworks for one night only during Pirate Nights on selected voyages.

In a quest to provide their guests with cruises with firework displays, Royal Caribbean Cruises are in the process of developing a fireworks effect that uses high-speed water and lights. This concept aims to replicate the wow effect of fireworks without the fire risk.

The cruise line filed for a patent for this ‘Water-based Pyrotechnic Illusion’ only last year, so we’re still waiting to see this new technology in action.

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