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What’s the First Thing You’d Buy On Winning The Lottery?

A Morecambe couple won £6.3 million on the National Lottery last week and proceeded to immediately quit their jobs, buy a BMW and book a World Cruise.

Denise and Robert Scarr have said that the money will help fulfil their ‘lifelong dreams’, one of those dreams being a World Cruise.

Apparently the couple were watching the lottery live and were ecstatic to discover they had three matching numbers – until they realised they had all six!

Denise Scarr has said; “Things like this don’t happen to people like us.”

The pair immediately resigned from their jobs, deciding instead to enjoy their newfound winnings by moving home and treating their family.

Mr and Mrs Scarr are clearly overjoyed with their result, with Mrs Scarr saying; “This is just life-changing and totally unbelievable. A massive amount of money.

“We have both longed to go on a cruise for years but were trying to manage the finances around this and the countries we wanted to visit. Now the world is our oyster – a world cruise will definitely be booked for us now.”

The only question left is which world cruise itinerary to pick? We would definitely have a good tour of Asia to start with…

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