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What’s Next for Royal Caribbean?

What’s Next for Royal Caribbean?

Quantum of the Seas will be the most innovative cruise ship ever; period!

If you’ve not heard that already then you may have been living in a cave, with the lights off, ear plugs in and a blanket over your head for the last few months.

She’ll be the most environmentally friendly cruise ship ever, have the fastest WiFi at sea and promises the quickest check in process ever (ten minutes from kerb side to cabin!) but whilst all that’s amazing (and it is) it’s the facilities that have us excited.

And so much more!

It does beg the question though – What’s next for Royal Caribbean?

Anthem of the Seas will be sailing from Southampton early next year and will look much liker her sister ship Quantum. The third Quantum class ship has just been named as Ovation of the Seas but even beyond that  – What else can they do? How much more is left to do?

We’re not sure either but we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t at least have a guess at it –

How many of these would you like to see at on a cruise ship?


Why not have a split level swimming pool as many water parks on land have? A swimming pool on the top deck and an indoor pool directly below – This would mean you could then have water-slides shooting from one pool to the next!



Norwegian cruise lines have already done it but how much cooler would a giant Wii screen be for the kids if done on their new Robo Screens in the 270 theater? It could then be a great entertainment venue for adults in the evening but even better during the days!


uantum-videogames copy


Are cruise lines missing a trick with sporting events? Just look how far people travel for the world cup! Why not get a football/rugby pitch on-board for international games? Celebrity Cruises already have real lawns on their ships – How much harder would it be to use that space to play a quick game of footie?





Well they already offer skydiving so why not bungee jumping? The Northstar is already there – Just open the doors and let people bungee out over the side of the ship!


QUANTUM-bungee-jumping copy



Surely this has to happen sooner rather than later? Why aren’t more cruise lines putting roller-coasters on their ships! Maybe just don’t run them in stormy weather!


QUANTUM-rollercoaster copy


Now this doesn’t need to be Royal Caribbean but surely someone can figure out how to allow paragliding from the back of a cruise ship! We’d sign up for that!


QUANTUM-parachute- copy


Both Quantum and Anthem of the Seas will have  virtual balconies on-board displaying real time images of the outside of the ship. In fact Royal Caribbean have gone on record as saying that to maintain the illusion of the virtual balcony this will be all they’ll display but as Anthem of the Seas is based in Southampton wouldn’t you like to be able to get Coronation Street on it?

Now that’s a giant T.V screen!


QUANTUM-virtual-cropper copy


One thing’s for sure.

As cruising becomes more and more popular the cruise lines will compete to try and ‘out-do’ each other. Let your imaginations run wild!

What would you like to see next on a cruise ship?



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