What Makes The Celebrity Edge Class Different?

What Makes The Celebrity Edge Class Different?

Celebrity Cruises has four types of ships: Millennium, Solstice and Edge Class, and its smaller Galápagos vessels. Its newest Edge Class ships are celebrated for their exciting innovation in the industry, and, from April 2022, you’ll have three vessels to choose from for your cruise holiday: Celebrity Edge, Celebrity Apex and, the latest addition, Celebrity Beyond. But what exactly can you expect, and how are Edge Class ships different from others in the industry?

The concept

When designing Edge Class, Celebrity Cruises set out to do things differently. Adopting a unique outward-facing design and blending inside and outside spaces, the ships allow you to feel more connected with the sea while onboard. With their sleek, elegant look, excellent range of fantastic amenities and personalised service, they continue to uphold the first-rate luxury that guests expect when they step aboard Celebrity Cruises’ ships.

Infinite Veranda staterooms

One of the most innovative features onboard Edge Class ships is their industry-first ‘Infinite Veranda’ staterooms. These glass-walled cabins leverage the latest technology and design to offer a sliding window, activated by a simple touch of a button, to provide open-air access and a balcony-like feel to your accommodation.

Eden lounge, restaurant and bar

Continuing to blend the outdoors with the inside, Celebrity Cruises created Eden, a beautiful, three-deck-high, outward-facing lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows and two al fresco seating areas. Throughout the day, Eden transforms from a relaxed space where you can enjoy your morning coffee or participate in one of Celebrity Cruises’ cooking or cocktail classes to a vibrant venue for evening entertainment and high-end dining. At 11,800 square feet, with panoramic ocean views and nature-inspired stylish interiors, Eden provides a multi-sensory experience quite unlike any other.

The Magic Carpet

Included in the revolutionary design of Edge Class is the Magic Carpet, a 90-ton exterior platform equalling the size of a tennis court, which moves up and down the ship to fulfil various functions. This cantilevered, floating platform is a world-first and an impressive engineering achievement, reaching up to 13 floors above sea level. The Magic Carpet has a comfortable seating area, full bar and space for live music performances. As an exciting transformative space, it can be found offering open-air dining, acting as a poolside extension or at ground level to become The Destination Gateway.

The Resort Deck

Another cutting-edge example of Celebrity Cruise’s approach to redesigning outdoors spaces is the Resort Deck. You can spend time around the asymmetrical pool deck, indulging in the two-storey martini hot tubs, where the ever-changing LED light art installation creates varying moods depending on the time of day.

Another favourite of many guests is the laid-back yet lively environment of the Rooftop Garden, an urban playscape for movies, picnics and dancing under the stars. Also found on the Resort Deck is the adults-only Solarium. This glass-covered pool area with a three-dimensional, ocean-inspired art wall provides a calm and luxurious place to relax.

Celebrity Cruises aimed to set a new industry standard with their Edge Class ships, providing the latest in design and technology while delivering top-class luxury experiences. And, with two further vessels in this class planned for 2023 and 2024, they’ll be even more opportunities to enjoy the exciting features of these ships in the near future.

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