What Is The Best Cunard Fare For Your Cruise Holiday?

What Is The Best Cunard Fare For Your Cruise Holiday?

Cunard currently has three iconic cruise ships in its fleet; Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth. Each upholds the elegant tradition of cruising, offering first-rate luxury experiences to some of the world’s most stunning destinations.

Set to increase its fleet size to four vessels this year, Cunard will welcome its newest addition when Queen Anne sets sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton in May 2024.

When booking a cruise holiday on one of these ships, you will see different price options. So, what is the best Cunard fare to suit your holiday requirements?

Read on below as we compare Cunard’s fares types, going further than simply answering the question of what is the cheapest Cunard fare to exploring what each one offers and which will best fulfil your cruise needs.

What are Cunard’s different fares?

Cunard offers three different types of cruise fare; The Cunard Fare, Early Saver Fare and Saver Fare. Whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy the luxury of the Cunard cruising experience, from spacious cabins to immaculate service and timeless Cunard signature experiences.

The difference between each Cunard cruise fare is the amount of choice you get with elements such as stateroom accommodation and dining options. The booking process also varies with each Cunard Fare, as does access to extras like shuttle buses and parking or onboard credit. 

Pay a little more to guarantee what will be available to you during your cruise holiday, or choose to make savings by being more flexible with the options you are given.

What is The Cunard Fare?

The Cunard Fare is available across all cruises and at all times. By paying a slightly higher rate for The Cunard Fare, cruise guests have peace of mind in choosing aspects of their holiday, such as their stateroom or dining preferences.

The Cunard Fare is often selected by families or cruise guests travelling in groups who want to guarantee certain elements of their experience onboard.

It’s also popular with first-time cruise guests, as being new to cruise holidays, they are keen to make sure they know what they are getting.

What do you get with The Cunard Fare?


The main benefit of The Cunard Fare is the choice you are offered. For example, you can select your stateroom number and location. You’ll also be the highest priority for upgrades.

Furthermore, you only have to pay a 15% deposit at the time of booking, with the option to clear the balance online at any time. Changes can be made to your booking anytime up until the day your balance is due.

Another benefit of The Cunard Fare is being able to choose your dining options. You can provide your preferences at the time of booking and will be given first priority when it comes to allocation.

With The Cunard Fare, you’ll have access to complimentary port shuttle buses, where available, to take you from the ship to the nearest town or transport hub. Cruise terminal parking or return coach travel for cruise holidays over seven nights is also provided.

What is the Cunard Early Saver Fare?


The Cunard Early Saver Fare offers you a reduced-cost option while still being able to secure your cruise holiday and some of its elements early.

This fare is only available on selected cruise holidays and times. So, if you are more price-driven but would like to book your cruise holiday in advance, then the Cunard Early Saver Fare is a good option.

What do you get with the Cunard Early Saver Fare?


There are still some good benefits of Cunard’s Early Saver Fare, alongside the lower cost. For example, you get to choose the grade of your stateroom, but Cunard will assign the number. You’ll also be second in line for upgrades after The Cunard Fare guests.

You may have to be a little more flexible when it comes to dining. Although Cunard will ask for your preferences before boarding, these are subject to availability and will only be confirmed upon boarding.

As with The Cunard Fare, you only have to pay a 15% deposit when booking an Early Saver Fare, with the option to pay the remainder online at a later date.

Guests on the Cunard Early Saver Fare have to pay for port shuttle buses, cruise terminal parking and coach transfers.

What is the Cunard Late Saver Fare?

If you are searching for a great deal on your cruise holiday, then look out for the Saver Fare, the cheapest Cunard fare. 

You’ll need to be on the ball to snatch these bargain fares, as one of the key differences between the Cunard Late Saver and Early Saver Fares is the availability.

Cunard’s Late Saver Fare is only available within 90 days of the cruise departure date, so it suits individuals who have the flexibility to book and travel at short notice.

What do you get with the Cunard Late Saver Fare?


The main benefit of the Cunard Late Saver Fare is its incredible value. You can still enjoy all of Cunard’s exceptional facilities and services, just at a lower price.

The compromise with this package is the reduced choice across some of your cruise holiday’s main elements. For example, with the Cunard Late Saver Fare, staterooms are assigned by Cunard according to availability. Although, you will have a choice in the type of stateroom. You’ll also be at the back of the queue for any stateroom upgrades.

Your dining option is also confirmed when boarding. And, although you’ll still get to enjoy some incredible cuisine and a wide range of dishes, you won’t have priority on dining allocations. As with Cunard Early Saver Fare, you’ll need to pay for port shuttle buses, parking or coach transfers.

Another difference between Cunard Late Saver and Early Saver Fares is the payment terms. Late Saver Fares must be paid in full at the time of booking and are subject to a 100% cancellation charge.

The different benefits of each of Cunard’s fare types will appeal to particular cruise guests, depending on their priorities. The key benefit to the Cunard Late Saver Fare is the price, whereas The Cunard Fare offers some great perks and reassurance in securing what you want from your cruise holiday at the time of booking.

Meanwhile, the Early Saver Fare sits somewhere in the middle.

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