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What Does A Posh Balcony Look Like – Sneak View

What Does A Posh Balcony Look Like – Sneak View

When we’re off cruising there’s nothing we like better than a cabin with a balcony. Inside cabins are fine (with innovations such as Royal Caribbean’s Virtual Balcony are making the experience more comfortable than ever) and outside cabins are better but there’s still no replacement for a real Posh balconybalcony.

The wind in your hair, the spray of the sea (or river!), it’s always an exhilarating experience to wake up and enjoy breakfast on your balcony with a different view each morning (on a river cruise you could even get multiple different views each day as you glide down the river). The real question is, which balcony is best?

How can you choose?

It gets even more complicated when you find out there’s different types of balcony cabins! If you picture a balcony cabin in your head we’re sure you’re thinking of french windows that open on to your own private balcony (and that would be correct for an ocean cruise). On a river cruise however you have something called a juliet balcony.

Juliet Balconies…

Juliet balconies are found on almost all river cruise ship. Even a giant floor to ceiling window that opens from the top, down to the bottom with a railing on the outside, when open transforming your entire cabin into a balcony – that’s a Juliet balcony! (Sometimes also known as French Balconies)


Which are better though?  French Balcony cabins, allowing your entire cabin to transform into an open-air living space to die for or the normal balcony, letting you truly step outside and breathe in the fresh air?

Well, we find it a bit difficult to decide – luckily, APT river cruises  has made the decision for us and given us both balconies in a single cabin!

Posh balcony

Two balconies?! That’s right! We never knew we needed a second…

Yes, APT’s  Twin Balcony rooms literally have two balconies right next to one another; the  French Balcony windows to open wide are let fresh air into the room, as well as a Full Balcony complete with table and chairs so you be one with the outside world.

Posh balcony

Do you wake up and open the balcony window, or step out into the fresh air?

APT are the only cruise line, at river or sea, that offer more than one balcony in a single room, hopefully ending tough cabin decisions for river cruisers everywhere!

Perfect for couples who row over whether to sit by a window and read or lounge out on a balcony to sunbathe – Now they can do both!

posh balcony

After you’ve had two, there’s no going back to just one!

So tell us, will your next cabin be inside, outside, balcony or will you spring for a double?


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