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What Can You Expect On An Epic World Cruise?

What Can You Expect On An Epic World Cruise?

A world cruise is the ultimate travel adventure for many people. It offers the opportunity to explore the world’s most exotic destinations, from the paradisal beaches of the Caribbean to the awe-inspiring scenery of New Zealand and Australia. 

An around-the-world cruise can last up to several months and take you around the globe, visiting dozens of ports in multiple countries. If you’re considering booking one and are wondering which is the best world cruise, here’s what you can expect from some of the top cruise lines.

P&O World Cruises

As one of the leading cruise lines, P&O Cruises has several round-the-world cruises from the UK each year. Offering world cruises from Southampton, P&O makes cruising convenient for those living in this country. Its itineraries will take you to spectacular locations, with stops in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. 

P&O’s world cruises can last up to four months, with shorter segments, such as its Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys, available for those who can only commit to part of the journey.

One of P&O’s most popular world cruises is the 99-night Grand Adventure itinerary, which takes guests on a round-the-world cruise aboard the Arcadia ship. This world cruise departs from Southampton and visits 32 ports in 20 countries.

Discover the brilliance of balmy Barbados, the stunning sights of San Francisco and the idyllic island capital of Apia in the South Pacific. Prices for P&O’s 99-night Grand Adventure cruise start at £9,600 per person.

A common question from world cruising guests is, ‘Are world cruises all-inclusive?’ When sailing on a P&O World Cruise, the answer is yes; you can enjoy excellent accommodation and dining, live entertainment, many activities and the onboard children’s clubs, as part of your cruise fare.

Flights and transfers, where applicable, are also included. Only things such as drinks packages, shore excursions and spa services cost extra.

The Royal Caribbean World Cruise

serenade of the seas

For those of you wondering, ‘What is the longest cruise you can go on?’ you’ll find your answer with Royal Caribbean, who significantly raised the bar when announcing their Ultimate World Cruise. Due to set sail for the first time at the end of this year, Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate World Cruise is their very first round-the-world cruise, and it promises to be epic! 

As a 274-night voyage, the Ultimate World Cruise will visit an incredible 150 destinations in 65 countries, including 11 wonders of the world. Departing from Miami on board the Serenade of the Seas, cruise guests will sail to all seven continents, seeing sights such as The Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu in Peru, Rome’s Colosseum and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Guests can embark on the whole 9-month adventure or choose one of four segments: Americas, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Mediterranean or Europe & Beyond.

Other than your spending ashore, Royal’s Caribbean’s world cruise is all-inclusive. Alongside their outstanding onboard amenities, business-class flights, pre-cruise hotel and dinner packages and premium transfers are included. You’ll also get the deluxe beverage package, free Wi-Fi, gratuities and laundry service as part of the cruise fare. 

If you are curious how much the 274-day cruise with Royal Caribbean is, prices range from $54,000 per person for an interior stateroom up to $106,000 per person for a junior suite.

Cunard World Cruises

British high-end cruise line Cunard also offers around-the-world cruises from Southampton and several other global departure points. Its world cruises can last from 17 days to three to four months, taking guests to some of the world’s most exotic destinations.

On a Cunard world cruise, you could see fantastic destinations in the USA, Australia, Mauritius, South Africa and the Canary Islands all on one holiday. One of Cunard’s most popular world cruises is its 107-night, Full World Voyage cruise. Sailing on board Queen Victoria, this around-the-world cruise from the UK departs from Southampton.

Taking in the four corners of the world, it visits 20 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Mexico, the Philippines and Hong Kong. 

First-rate dining, evening entertainment, sporting activities, and children’s facilities are included on Cunard’s world cruises. You can also enjoy benefits such as cocktail parties, a gala event ashore, concierge services and daily gratuities. 

Currently, Cunard’s 3-month cruise around the world costs £12,000 per person for an inside cabin and just over £57,000 per person for a Queens Grill Suite. 

MSC World Cruises 

MSC Cruises is also a leader in world cruising. Typically, its round-the-world cruises can last three to four months and depart from European port destinations in countries such as Italy, France or Spain.

Some of the most popular destinations on MSC’s world cruises include the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and South America. In 2025, MSC Cruises is offering a 116-night cruise around the world on board MSC Magnifica.

Among the 50 remarkable destinations across 21 countries, guests will have the opportunity to visit the most southern city in the world, Ushuaia, the tropical island of Tahiti, the cosmopolitan city-state of Singapore, and postcard-perfect Phuket in Thailand.

 As well as luxury dining and accommodation and world-class entertainment on board MSC Magnifica, the 116-night world cruise includes 15 shore excursions, a Dine & Drink package and discounted laundry services. Prices for this four-month world cruise start at just under £15,000 per person. 

What to pack on a world cruise

Travelling around the world can cause a bit of a packing dilemma. You’ll be visiting a variety of destinations, some tropical and some much colder. There’ll be cities and beaches, relaxed days and formal events.

So, what do you pack on a world cruise? 

The main thing to remember is you’ll be living in a relatively small space for an extended period, so pack light and only bring what you need. Check with your cruise line for dress code requirements or other specific guidelines, such as cultural or weather-appropriate clothing recommendations. 

Remember your camera, phone, charger, and any other electronics you may need, such as a laptop or tablet. Consider bringing a power bank to ensure you have enough battery life while on excursions.

Also, consider other entertainment items to keep you occupied during long stretches at sea.

Finally, remember all your paperwork, such as your passport, travel insurance documents, and any visas or vaccination certificates you may need for the countries you will be visiting. Keeping copies of these documents in a separate location, such as in your luggage, is also a good idea.

A world cruise can be the most amazing adventure you will remember for a lifetime. However, there can be a lot to consider when planning one. If you have any questions about world cruising or would like help booking your around-the-world cruise, please get in contact with our cruise specialists.

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