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What Are The Differences Between P&O Cruises’ Fares?

What Are The Differences Between P&O Cruises’ Fares?

Choosing the best cruise holiday package for you and your family can sometimes be a bit complex. Prices vary depending on when you book, what cabin you want and where, and what other add-ons or options you are looking for.

When sailing with P&O Cruises, they have broken their packages into three price types: Select Price, Early Saver and Saver.

Read on to learn what you get with these P&O cruise fares and explore whether the Select, Saver or Early Saver P&O cruise fare is the best option for you.

What do you get with P&O Cruises’ fares?


When sailing with P&O Cruises, certain things are included in every cruise fare. These include cabin accommodation, all entertainment, use of the swimming pools and access to the kid’s clubs. You’ll also have full use of the main restaurant and buffet and poolside dining options. 

If you’ve booked a cruise holiday that includes a flight, this will also be included in your cruise fare, along with any in-destination transfers.

The three price types offered by P&O Cruises have differences in elements such as the choice of cabin, flexibility in booking and other priorities and perks. The more flexible you are with your preferences, the better deal you are likely to find.

What is P&O Cruises’ Select fare?


The Select cruise fare is about choice and flexibility. It is the standard brochure price that is always available for every P&O cruise holiday.

The Select cruise fare is suitable for people who have families or perhaps need certain elements of their holiday guaranteed, as you can choose the main aspects of your cruise when booking.

It’s also an excellent option for first-time cruise guests who may want a bit of reassurance in what they will get on their first cruise experience.

What are the benefits of P&O Cruises’ Select fare?


One of the key benefits of P&O Cruises’ Select fare is the choice of cabin location with priority for upgrades. If you’re new to cruising, you’ll soon discover that different cabin locations offer various advantages.

For example, if you are prone to a bit of motion sickness, a mid-ship cabin is better as there tends to be less movement. For others, proximity to facilities or friends and family might be more of a priority.

When it comes to dining, with the Select fare, you’ll be given first priority. P&O Cruises offer two main dining options; Freedom dining and Club dining. With Freedom dining, you can have your main meal anytime between 18:00 and 21:30.

Meanwhile, Club dining allows you to mingle with other guests, sharing a table with the same people at a set time each evening. 

The benefits of P&O’s Select fare mean that if your ship offers both dining options, you’ll get first choice on which you’d prefer. You’ll also have priority on dining time and party size.

P&O Cruises’ Select fare also gives you a choice between various other great benefits. These include car parking at Southampton’s cruise terminal or return travel by coach.

Alternatively, you can opt for access to the port shuttle buses, where they are available, or simply enjoy some onboard credit.

What is P&O Cruises’ Early Saver fare?


With P&O Cruises Early Saver fares, you can find a good deal on prices if you are prepared to compromise on the choice offered within your cruise holiday.

Like the Select fare, the Early Saver fare is also always available in P&O’s main brochure, so you still get to book in advance and secure your holiday. However, the price is lower because you are given fewer choices on things such as where your cabin is located and when and where you wish to dine.

What are the benefits of P&O Early Saver Fare?

The key benefit of P&O Cruises Early Saver fare is the better-value price while still being able to get your holiday booked early.

What you don’t get is a choice of cabin or priority for upgrades. You may also have restrictions on the dining style, the time of your evening meal and how many people are at your table when in the main restaurant. 

If you’ve been on cruise holidays with P&O Cruises before, are aware of how it all works and are pretty laid back about how you spend your time on board, then the price benefits of P&O Cruises’ Early Saver fare make it a good option.

What is the cheapest P&O cruise fare?

alfresco p&o

P&O’s cheapest cruise fare is the Saver. The benefits of a P&O Saver fare are all in the fantastic bargain you can get. It’s for people who are happy booking a last-minute cruise holiday and don’t need to plan in advance.

What is P&O Cruises’ Saver fare?

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P&O Cruises’ Saver fares are only found on a limited number of cruises, with selected cabins and dining assigned on arrival. You also need to be flexible on when you travel, as the Saver fares are only available at certain times. 

When booking, you must pay the full balance, and a 100% cancellation fee is charged if you cancel before the cruise holiday departure date. However, if these limitations suit you, then you can enjoy some great deals when booking your cruise holiday.

When selecting a P&O cruise fare, there is a decision to be made between flexibility and cost. If you need to know the where, when and how of your cruise holiday, then you are more likely to appreciate the benefits of P&O Cruises’ Select fare.

However, the more open you can be to going with the flow and making the best of the options available, the more you’ll be able to save with the Early Saver and Saver fares.

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