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We’ve Won The Ashes! – Now Make Sure All Your Friends In Oz Know

We’ve Won The Ashes! – Now Make Sure All Your Friends In Oz Know

Have you been following the Ashes this year? If not – where have you been?

After an exciting four tests England once again hold the Ashes (as is the right and proper natural order of things).

Now we could go on about the tests, about who scored what and when and what the highlight of the series was but instead we’re going to focus on something much more important…

How best to brag about it (and make sure there’s not an Australian ‘Down Under’ that doesn’t know about our victory)!

Perhaps not the most sportsman like of articles we’ve ever written you may say but we couldn’t help it… it was just too much fun (and at least we didn’t just write neh, neh, ne, neh neh we won!)

So… How best to rub it in!


You could book a cruise to Australia

You could call it your own victory tour. That way every time you meet someone you can ask them if they saw the ashes!

We’ll even help you organise it here…

Australia map


But make sure you book cabin 6010 if you do!

It doesn’t matter what grade cabin it is; this way, whenever someone asks you about your cabin you can say “we’re in cabin 6010… Ooh! Do you know I think that’s the same score for Australia’s worst innings when they lost the Ashes this year.”

room 6010


Wear your cricket shirt everywhere

Just make sure it says Broad 8 on the back of it!

broad 8


Wear full cricket whites on all cruise ship formal nights

When people ask why you’ll have the perfect opening to bring up the ashes again!

cricket formal nights


Bring a replica Ashes urn with you wherever you go

That way when people ask you about it you can tell them why you’ve got it!


Co-opt the golfing nets on-board your ship

Then put flyers up all over the ship inviting any Australians on-board to come along for some batting lessons.

golf nets


Photoshop yourself in full cricket whites knocking famous Australian landmarks ‘for six’

Then sneak them into your ships photo gallery for the Australian passengers to find!



Who’s Extras?

Every time you bump into an Australian guest make sure you ask them what they think of their new batsman ‘extras’

Cricket score


And for everyone else…

If you’re not lucky enough to be heading down to Australia on a cruise to celebrate our fantastic win don’t worry; you can still get involved in the (hopefully) good natured banter by sharing one of the below pictures with all your friends…


Oz joke 1


Michael clarke


Australian cricket joke


Aussie batman


Cricket bat




Whats LBW


Michael Clarke cricket


Ashes bat joke


Empty field


Australian batsman

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