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We Can Think of Worse Ships to be Trapped On

We Can Think of Worse Ships to be Trapped On

Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth ship recently set sail on a festive cruise to Amsterdam’s Christmas markets but poor weather conditions meant that the vessel had to turn back before reaching its destination.

Queen Elizabeth is the latest addition to Cunard Line’s fleet and its luxurious, modern features have made the ship a firm favourite among passengers.

Around 2,100 cruise-goers embarked on the festive cruise to the Netherlands that departed from Southampton’s port but before the vessel had even reached the Dutch city bad weather struck and the Queen Elizabeth was forced to spend four days circling the English Channel.

Understandably, passengers began to feel frustrated but to make up for the time missed in Amsterdam, travellers were told they would be given an ‘upgraded entertainment’ package.

Cunard also informed each passenger that they would be compensated with around £50 in on-board spending credit.

Due to necessary engineering works, the ship then returned to Southampton ten hours ahead of schedule but some passengers were still unhappy.

Sophie Humphrey from Cambridgeshire boarded the cruise with her mother Eve.

She said: “It was supposed to be a Christmas treat for me and my mum but not only have we had our money wasted, but our time as well.”

However, it should be understood that the safety of each passenger was the cruise line’s main priority and the decision to not proceed any further meant that each holidaymaker was protected from being put at risk from docking in unfavourable conditions.

A spokesman for Cunard said: “The captain looked at two alternative ports of call which were both unsuitable due to similar weather conditions.”

The cruise line claimed that guests had not entirely lost out on an enjoyable trip because its extensive range of on-board facilities remained open for passengers.

Do you agree with Cunard?

Would you have complained or been happy with four days on a luxury cruise ship?

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