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Watch The Azamara Pursuit Naming Ceremony Right Here Ft. Our Exclusive Sneak Peek

Watch The Azamara Pursuit Naming Ceremony Right Here Ft. Our Exclusive Sneak Peek

Azamara Pursuit was officially named and christened on Tuesday 28th August with both its Godmothers.

AFAR Media’s Ellen Asmodeo-Giglio and Travel Weekly U.K.’s Lucy Huxley were both chosen as the ship’s Godmothers, both of who pushed identical black buttons to send the bubbly flying.

President of Azamara Club Cruises, Larry Pimentel, presented the godmothers with “Beacon of Hope” statuettes to commemorate the occasion, and an oil painting of the two of them.

Both were unveiled at the ceremony and is planned to hang onboard Azamara Pursuit.

“I wanted elegance, style and professionalism and you two very much represent that,” Pimentel commented on his choice of  Huxley and Asmodeo-Giglio as Godmothers.

“You have made this world a better place, and as godmothers, you will also make this ship a better place.”

In unison, the godmothers said, “We name this ship Azamara Pursuit. May God bless her and all who sail on her”.

After this, the pair pressed the buttons as the screen behind them showed the live action, culminating in the bottles breaking as a traditional sign of good luck.

Take a look at our sneak peek of Azamara Pursuit from yesterday below…

Inside cabin


Balcony cabin


Owners suite





Concierge suite



Spa suite


The cruising world has known since September 2017 that Azamara Club Cruises was buying P&O’s Adonia with the plan to rebrand it Azamara Pursuit.

The ship sailed its final voyage as Adonia in February 2018 before starting a two-and-a-half-month refurbishment in the Bahamas, where it received mechanical upgrades and exterior painting.

It then underwent a 14-day journey with 120 crew onboard across the Atlantic Ocean where it then underwent a wet dock in Belfast to address “hotel upgrades”. 

Pimentel has stated that the addition of a third ship to the fleet gives itinerary flexibility to a brand well-known for its commitment to destination immersion.

The ships are small enough to get into ports that large ships cannot reach, and a third vessel gives Azamara the ability to get to new ports for the brand.

Pimentel says is unique for Azamara that Pursuit will head to South America visiting 60 destinations that its fleetmates will not visit this year.

Echoes Michael Pawles, director of deployment and destinations stated: “When you look at [2019] and [2020], Azamara is visiting a lot of places it hasn’t visited before.”

That includes a South Africa cruise in 2020 that has a five-day land option so passengers can experience safaris.”

“Our homeport is the world. I feel we’ve created a brand with a purpose”, Pimentel said.


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What do you think of Azamara Pursuit? Which destination are you most excited about Azamara’s third ship sailing to? What do you think of the sneak peek above? Leave us your comments below!

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