Viking Surprise Fans With Two Brand New 2019 Itineraries!

Viking Surprise Fans With Two Brand New 2019 Itineraries!

Viking River Cruises have just decided to surprise fans with two brand new exciting itineraries for later this year.

Both options cover an unforgettable eight-day journey with stops at medieval gems, breathtaking castles and glorious vineyards.

You’ll have the freedom to reverse the journey if it suits you that bit more, and there’s a fantastic shore excursion option in each port of call to make your holiday even more memorable…

A Tale of Three Rivers

This 8-day journey will feature bookends in Trier and Bamberg so you’ll be able to celebrate and delve into the diverse landscapes of three of Europe’s most beloved and iconic rivers.


Trier is one of Germany’s most treasured cities for its rich history and Bamberg is where you can head for its speciality ‘smoke’ beer and symphony orchestra.

Your Viking ship will let you enjoy the Moselle and its steep hillside vineyards; you’ll be tasting legendary Moselle Rieslings. And perched on a hilltop above the river is the city’s signature landmark, the 1,000-year-old Reichsburg Castle!


How about the castle-studded Rhine? Survey the breathtaking river from the 900-year-old Marksburg Castle and sail down the Main too.

Your view will be dotted with quaint villages and you’ll get a chance to savour hearty German cuisine aswell!

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Rhine & Moselle Discovery

This option is also an eight day journey where you’ll explore three countries and sail the Rhine, discovering Roman Trier and tasting Moselle Rieslings.


You’ll experience scenic cruising at its finest through the Rhine Gorge, a UNESCO site, passing the iconic Loreli Rock.

Step off your ship and stroll through the quaint Mainz, located in the heart of wine country along the Rhine.

It is also home to one of Germany’s most dramatic cathedrals, St Stephen’s, and you can see an original Gutenberg Bible in the Gutenberg Museum.


Visit Speyer for a charming, shop-lined street where you can look up at the famous clock tower of its Altportel, the old Town Gate, and its landmark cathedral which is also the burial place of eight emperors.

Explore Strasbourg too for a refreshing mix of cultural influences due to its location at the bored of France and Germany!


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You’ll have lots of chances to customize your journey with the option of a shore excursion in every port! Guests will be informed of a list of available options well in advance of each sailing.


Which option sounds most appealing to you? Is it glorious vineyards or historic cities you look out for? Have you sailed with Viking before? Let us know your thoughts below!

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