Viaggio Nei Fori: A Guide To The Most Exciting Light Show In Rome

Viaggio Nei Fori: A Guide To The Most Exciting Light Show In Rome

If you are interested in ancient Roman history and love to learn the stories surrounding Italy’s spectacular architecture, the Viaggio Nei Fori light show is a must-see. Using innovative light, animation and sound technology to recreate the history of some of Italy’s most magnificent Fora, Viaggio Nei Fori light show, Rome, mesmerises visitors with its storytelling every evening throughout the summer.

If you’re planning a cruise holiday that allows you some time in Rome, read on as we share all you need to know about visiting Viaggio Nei Fori, Italy.

What is Viaggio Nei Fori?

Viaggio Nei Fori is a stunning light show that takes place every night in Rome from June until October. Against the backdrop of the archaeological sites themselves, the Viaggio Nei Fori light show projects images and footage of the majestic ancient architecture and artwork as it would have looked at the time while reconstructing life in ancient Rome.

Its scientifically and historically detailed stories centre around the Fora and the main public figures of the time, Julius Caesar and Augustus.

What does Viaggio Nei Fori mean?

Viaggio Nei Fori is Italian for Journey to the Forums. Fori can also be translated as Fora, simply the plural of a forum. Meanwhile, Viaggio (journey or trip) references the historical journey that these shows portray.

A forum is a meeting place, often where people exchange ideas. In ancient Rome, these forums were usually located in the city’s centre. Initially used as a marketplace, they evolved to be a place where public affairs were held, such as elections, business dealing, public speeches, trials and religious ceremonies. 

Where can I see the Viaggio Nei Fori light show?

Viaggio Nei Fori, Rome, takes place in two venues in the city: the Forum of Caesar and the Forum of Augustus. Both locations are easy to get to from Rome’s main road, Via dei Fori Imperiali.

Viaggio Nei Fori Forum of Caesar

When looking at how to get to Viaggio Nei Fori Forum of Caesar, you’ll find it right on Via dei Fori Imperiali, next to Trajan’s Column. 

Spectators here can discover the story of Julius Caesar and his powerful impact on life in ancient Rome. With impressive light projections and animation, Viaggio Nei Fori Forum of Caesar reveals how he demolished an entire neighbourhood to build his forum, costing 100 million gold coins (or over 300 million Euros) and how his influence on Rome’s political system saw him gain increasing power. 

Viaggio Nei Fori Forum of Augustus

When seeking how to find Viaggio Nei Fori Forum Augustus, it is also straightforward. The Augustus’ Forum is just a few minutes walk from the Forum of Caesar, heading along the Via dei Fori Imperiali and onto the Via Alessandrina. 

The story here centres around the Temple dedicated to Mars the Avenger, constructed by Augustus. The multi-projection show shares how Augustus built the Temple in memory of his great uncle Julius Caesar after his assassination.

It also recreates the imposing statue of Augustus, which used to stand 12 metres tall, and brings to life the daily activity that once took place in the forum. 

How to watch Viaggio Nei Fori


If you visit Rome and want to see Viaggio Nei Fori, you can book tickets directly on their website. You’ll also find the most up-to-date information on times and prices here.

As well as the captivating light projections, you will be provided with disposable earphones to listen to the narration, music and special effects. The original story is narrated in Italian by Piero Angela, a popular Italian documentary presenter. For international visitors, the narration is also available in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, German and Chinese.

Can I take children to see Viaggio Nei Fori?

If you are wondering if you can take your kids to see Viaggio Nei Fori, then the content is certainly suitable for children of primary school age and above, particularly if they have been learning about the Romans in class, as many do. 

For younger children, some of the narration may be a little too complex for their understanding. However, the fantastic light projections are likely to keep them entertained. 

If your child is a little young to be sat still for an extended period, it may be worth waiting a year or two longer before bringing them to see Viaggio Nei Fori, as it is not possible for them to run around. It is also worth bearing in mind that the forums are made up of tall steps, so bringing toddlers and babies with a buggy may be difficult.

What should I wear to see Viaggio Nei Fori?

When considering what to wear to Viaggio Nei Fori, remember you will be outside, so it’s advisable to wear comfortable clothes for the season. Mid-summer temperatures rarely drop below 17°C in the evenings, so you’ll most likely be warm enough in t-shirts or light tops. However, it may be worth bringing an additional layer if you attend in September or October.

If the show is cancelled due to weather or other technical reasons, ticket holders will be informed via email.

When can I see Viaggio Nei Fori?

Typically, Viaggio Nei Fori has run from mid-June to the beginning of October, with shows scheduled every night at both venues. 

If you want to know when you can see Viaggio Nei Fori in 2023 or 2024, the show schedules will likely remain the same, but it is worth checking back on the official website nearer the time to confirm.

Currently published schedules are as follows:

Forum of Caesar

10 June to 31 July: from 9pm to 11.00pm

1 to 31 August: from 8.40pm to 11.00 pm

1 September to 2 October: from 8pm to 10.20pm

Forum of Augustus

10 June – 31 July: 9.15pm; 10.15pm; 11.15pm

1 – 31 August:; 10pm; 11pm

1 September – 2 October: 8.15pm; 9.15pm; 10.15pm

How much does it cost to see Viaggio Nei Fori?

Tickets for Viaggio Nei Fori are €15 each or €25 for both shows on the same night. There are reductions for those under 26 and groups of 10 or more. Children under six and visitors with disabilities and their carers can attend free of charge.

More details can be found on the official website.

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