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The Ultimate Guide To The Caribbean

The Ultimate Guide To The Caribbean

Is there anything better than a trip to the Caribbean? With white sands, pristine beaches and a famous laid back culture, it’s been a favourite destination for cruises for as long as there’s been cruises! But there’s far more to the Caribbean than just pretty postcards and rum punch on the beach…

Which is exactly why we created our ultimate guide to the Caribbean! Read on to find out exactly what the Caribbean has to shout about and why you should be considering it for your next holiday…


The Islands

Every island in the Caribbean is different! Each has their own kind of vibe, style, activities and no two islands are comparable. Want to go snorkelling with pigs? There’s an island for that! Want to explore the rainforest? There’s an island for that! What more could you want?! You can find out exactly what to do on each one here.

ultimate caribbean guide


The Ports Of Call

There are lots of different ports of call in the Caribbean. From Nassau in the Bahamas, to Havana in Cuba, there are plenty of vibrant ports to choose from. You can also sail to quieter areas like Ocho Rios and feel like you’re on your very own private oasis! Find out more about exactly what each port has to offer here. 

ultimate caribbean guide


The Activities

If you thought that all there was to do was sunbathing and lying on white sands, you couldn’t be more wrong about the Caribbean. Why not try taking your children to swim with dolphins or go zip lining on Royal Caribbean’s own private island? Alternatively explore UNESCO protected world heritage sites or jump off the back of boats to try parasailing! You can read more about what fun you can have on these islands here. 

ultimate caribbean guide


The Wildlife

We all know that the palm trees and lush vegetation in the Caribbean are beautiful, but have you stopped to think about all the wildlife living in this habitat? On a cruise here you could be seeing monkeys, toucans and sting rays all whilst you lounge on the beach. The lucky ones amongst you may even be fortunate enough to spot sea turtles, which are arguably some of the most impressive and majestic creatures to swim the seas! Read more about the wildlife of the Caribbean here.

ultimate caribbean guide


Top 10 Beaches

With such a huge pick of beaches, how do you know which is the best to choose? Never fear, because as always we’ve come up with a definitive guide to the best beaches around! Find out which is the best to visit for long walks, sunbathing, diving or relaxing right here.

ultimate caribbean guide


Top Sites

If you’re an avid tourist, you may be setting off on holiday with a checklist of exactly what you want to see… And we wouldn’t blame you! There are plenty of sites to visit in the Caribbean to fill your days with fun, awe inspiring and interesting activities. Travel to Dunn River Falls and climb the steps to the top of the crystal blue water, snorkel with fishy friends in stingray city or visit the home of a reggae legend by travelling to the Bob Marley Museum in Jamaica! We have plenty of ideas about how to fill your time here. You can also look at information about natural landmarks here and manmade landmarks here!

ultimate caribbean guide


And don’t forget! The whole Caribbean isn’t the same… You can look at the different regions of Caribbean cruises with our Eastern Caribbean cruises, Southern Caribbean cruises and Western Caribbean cruises.

If you want to take a look at our in-depth ultimate guide to the Caribbean click here!


So there you have it! Have you visited the Caribbean before? Would you like to? Let us know in the comments below…

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