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U By Uniworld Has Second Thoughts & Removes Age Restriction On Millennial Cruises

U By Uniworld Has Second Thoughts & Removes Age Restriction On Millennial Cruises

U by Uniworld, the first cruise line aimed at millennials due to launch next month, will now be open to all ages.

The sailings were originally set for travellers aged between 21 and 45 in the hope of providing a more youthful and modern experience with more time spent on shore via longer stays in port.

The line had set itself up as one that would create a more youthful market for river cruising with its two vessels: the A and the B.

Both 120-passenger ships were revamped in modern decor, including cabins that were meant for friends bunking together, and spaces that focused on socialising, such as communal dining tables and a lounge on the top deck.

U by Uniworld stressed a youthful vibe, with activities such as rooftop excursions of Paris, silent discos, craft cocktails and other millennial-focused plans.

The off-shore programme is also made up of activities that include eating in the houses of local residents and evenings spent in local nightspots with sailings planned on the Seine, Rhine and Danube.

A spokesperson has stated that opening the sailings to adult travelers of all ages will not change the way the cruise line operates.

“Originally, U was very specific in defining its target market, but has learned that the experience is less about a number and more about attracting a new generation of adult travelers to river cruising,” said spokesperson Devyn Barker.

“U by Uniworld will remain the same with sexy, stylish ships and itineraries that focus on longer stays in destination, allowing guests to connect with local people and experiences and each city’s vibrant nightlife.

“Removing the gated age restriction will not change the product or our efforts to attract a new generation of adult travelers.”

The ship’s itineraries on the Seine, the Rhine, the Main and the Danube will not change from their original launch however, the age restrictions have officially been removed from the company website.

The change in U by Uniworld’s booking policies, however, has now raised the question on whether millennials can fill an entire river cruise ship.

U by Uniworld is not the only river cruise line to target millennials with Amadeus, a European river cruise line, planning millennial sailings for 2019.

The line will offer five- and six-night voyages on the Rhine, Rhone and Danube with focus on celebrity influencers, who are onboard each sailing to serve as hosts while documenting the experience for their social media followers.


What do you think of U by Uniworld’s decision to abandon the original age limits? What did you vote in our poll? Would you consider a cruise like this now? Leave us your comments…

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