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Two Mega Cruise Lines To Enter 2018 With Increased Gratuities

Two Mega Cruise Lines To Enter 2018 With Increased Gratuities

It has just been announced that passengers sailing with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises will be required to pay a newly increased amount for gratuities starting January 2nd 2018.

According to the brand, the gratuity amount is “based on customary industry standards.”

The new per person daily amount for Royal Caribbean will be $14.50 (up from $13.50) for standard accommodations and $17.50 (up from $16.50) for suites.

The new daily amount for Celebrity will be $14.50 (up from $13.50) per person, per day, for standard accommodations, $15 (up from $14) for Concierge Class and AquaClass rooms, and $18 (up from $17) for suites.

Passengers with existing bookings, or who book before January 2nd 2018, can pre-pay their gratuities if they wish to secure the current rate $1 cheaper than the new rate.

Guests who choose to pay gratuities onboard, regardless of when the cruise was booked, will be subject to the new rates on all sailings departing on or after January 2nd 2018.

Both cruise lines have not upped their gratuities in almost two years as Royal Caribbean increased the charges by 55 cents in March 2016, while Celebrity last raised its tips, also by 55 cents, in May 2016.

As with most other lines, cruisers will have the chance to remove the daily gratuity; however, the fee is shared among dining, bar and culinary staff, as well as stateroom attendants and other hotel services crew members who work behind the scenes.


What do you think of this raise in gratuities come 2018? Do you agree this is inevitable to keep up with rewarding all crew members? Or do you think the fee should be kept the same? Leave us your comments below…

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