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Trapped On A Cruise With A Sixty Minute Countdown

Trapped On A Cruise With A Sixty Minute Countdown

Being locked in a cruise ship with no way to escape may sound like a dream come true for most people but when you’re actually trapped in a small room, locked away from all that delicious food and drink it becomes a much more worrying prospect!

That’s the situation some of the www.CRUISE.co.uk team found themselves in recently on-board Royal Caribbean’s newest ship Anthem of the Seas.

No we hadn’t been naughty and gotten ourselves locked away in the brig – we were  checking out one of Anthems most unique (and little known) features for you.

We’re referring of course to Escape from the Future by Puzzlebreak.


For those that haven’t heard of it Puzzlebreak are an American company based in Seattle that offer ‘Escape the Room’ scenarios for friends, families and corporate events.

Royal Caribbean reached out to them to see if they could bring their product to Anthem of the Seas and Escape from the Future was the result.


We won’t give too much away (as we wouldn’t want to ruin it for you) but in essence you’ll be locked in a room where you’ll need to solve a series of clues to escape.

What makes it interesting however is that you aren’t told what those clues are – you’re trapped in a room with at what first looks like a random assortment of ‘junk’. You first have to puzzle out what the clues are before you can start to solve them; sounds complicated? Think the Crystal Maze combined with Master Mind!


It’s an interesting concept and actually a lot of fun once you get into it but you will need your thinking caps on so don’t try it first thing if you’ve had a heavy evening the night before!


We asked our specialist cruise consultant Philippa what she’d thought of it…

PhilippaI was a bit nervous going into the puzzle room as I really wasn’t sure what to expect (and whether I would be able to do it!) but it was really great. If you have a day at sea this is a great way to keep your mind active, with something that all can enjoy. My advice is to give it a go to try something really different… but if you get really stuck the answer is **************************** (Editor’s note – sorry Philippa, no cheating!)

You can read more from Philippa here


Located on deck 15 you’ll find it just outside the Seaplex and you’ll be happy to know its free to use – just pop along and add your name to a time-slot that’s convenient for you.


We spoke to Nate Martin, creator of Escape from the Future just before we we’re locked away and you can see what he had to say about the game below…


What do you think? Would you be able to solve all the clues in an hour and ‘escape the room’?

Have you already tried it? What did you think?

Have you tried an Escape the room before? How does Royal’s compare?

Let us know in the comments below…


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