Top Tips For Solo Travellers To Make Friends On A Cruise

Top Tips For Solo Travellers To Make Friends On A Cruise

If you’re considering setting sail on a solo cruise, you can expect a holiday of a lifetime where you’ll make some unforgettable memories. Solo cruising can be an incredibly rewarding way to meet new people and often make life-long friends.

However, if the thought of being on a ship surrounded by unfamiliar faces gives you the jitters, there’s no need to worry. We’ve put together some top tips to help you confidently embark on your cruise holiday as a solo traveller.

In this blog, we’ll delve into how to make friends as a solo traveller on a cruise, looking at the things you can do before and during your holiday to ensure that you have the best time and make great connections with other guests onboard.

Things to do before your cruise when travelling solo

Doing some pre-cruise preparation will help you make the most of your solo travel adventure. Here are a few recommendations…

1. Research cruise lines

Not all cruise lines are created equal when it comes to catering for solo cruisers. Some cruise lines are more solo-friendly than others. So look for those offering single cabins, reduced single supplements, and activities designed to help solo travellers connect: such as mixers, meet-ups, and even onboard singles groups.

If you’re a solo cruiser looking to connect with others, opting for cruises that attract a diverse crowd and offer plenty of social activities is also helpful.

Norwegian Cruise Line, Saga Cruises, P&O Cruises and Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines are four leading cruise lines renowned for their great approach to solo cruises.


2. Choose the right cruise itinerary

When looking for how to make friends solo travelling, the cruise itinerary you choose can significantly impact your opportunities. Longer cruises with more sea days can be great for fostering friendships, as there’s more time to participate in onboard events and build connections.

It is also worth researching where the most solo travel-friendly countries are. Some destinations are particularly welcoming to solo travellers, such as New Zealand, Japan, Canada, and Denmark. These places are known for their safety, friendly locals, and vibrant cultures, making them ideal for making new friends.

3. Join online forums and cruise communities on social media

If you’re seeking some reassurance on how to make friends solo-travelling, the digital world is a fantastic tool for your pre-cruise preparations. Join online forums, social media groups, and travel communities dedicated to cruise enthusiasts and solo travellers.

These platforms are treasure troves of information, advice, and potential cruise buddies. You can exchange tips, share excitement about your upcoming trip, and even find others who are sailing on the same cruise.

4. Plan your shore excursions wisely

One of the best things about cruising is exploring exotic destinations. Most cruise lines offer shore excursions that allow you to experience local culture, cuisine, and adventure.

Being strategic when planning your shore excursions can enhance your chances of making friends when travelling solo. Look for group excursions that involve activities like hiking, city tours, or cooking classes.

These experiences naturally facilitate interactions as you share the adventure. Plus, having common ground to talk about – like that challenging hike or delicious local dish – can be a great icebreaker!

Making friends onboard as a solo cruiser

You’ve packed your bags and are eagerly anticipating your first trip as a solo cruiser. While it may be a little nerve-wracking, you’ll be in for a fantastic experience!

Here are our tips for how to make friends as a solo traveller when onboard your cruise ship.

1. Break the ice with a smile and hello

Picture this: You’re stepping onto the cruise ship, a mix of excitement and butterflies swirling within you. How do you start making friends when travelling solo? Well, a simple smile and a friendly “hello” is an excellent place to start!

Remember, the attitude you bring with you can make all the difference. Approach your cruise with an open mind and a positive outlook. By being approachable, smiling often, and being confident in initiating conversations, you’ll be surprised at how many people are eager to connect.

Common areas like the pool deck, dining halls, and lounges are prime spots for mingling. Don’t forget, everyone is on the ship to have a good time and meet new people – just like you!

2. Join group activities

Most cruise ships have an abundance of group activities that cater to various interests. Typically, there’s something for everyone, from dance classes and trivia nights to cooking workshops and scavenger hunts.

Participating in these activities allows you to do what you love and puts you in a prime position to meet like-minded individuals. Whether you’re into salsa dancing or solving brain teasers, bonding over shared interests is a great way to forge friendships.

3. Embrace dining dynamics

The cruise ship’s main dining room – it’s where strangers become friends over shared meals. Consider joining a communal table instead of opting for a table for one. This choice provides an excellent opportunity to strike up conversations and get to know your fellow cruise guests.

Share stories about your adventures and listen to theirs. Who knows, you might discover another solo cruiser with whom you can explore a port of call the next day!

4. Attend social events

Cruise ships are known for their themed parties, live entertainment, and cocktail hours- so be sure to take advantage of these social events! They’re tailor-made for meeting new people and having a blast.

Whether it’s a tropical-themed party by the pool or a karaoke night in the lounge, these events create a relaxed atmosphere that makes initiating conversations a breeze.

Budget-friendly solo cruise holidays

When you’re travelling solo versus with friends or family, budget can become a more pressing factor. It used to be that you’d be hit with paying almost double for the privilege of travelling solo! The good news is that today, solo travellers don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a memorable cruise.

Many cruise lines offer budget-friendly solo travel options, such as single cabins or reduced single supplements. These options cater specifically to those travelling alone and can help you enjoy the cruise experience without straining your wallet.

Another savvy way to save is by keeping an eye out for off-peak season deals. Cruising during less popular times can often lead to significant savings on fares, allowing you to allocate more of your budget to on-shore activities and, of course, making new friends.


If you’re embarking on solo travel, making friends may be on your mind. But a solo cruise doesn’t have to mean you’ll be sailing through uncharted social waters.

The opportunities to connect on a cruise holiday are endless, making travelling solo a new and exciting experience. With a smile and a willingness to engage, you’ll easily make friends who could even become lifelong companions.

If you have any questions about solo cruises, please get in touch with our cruise specialists.

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