Top 10 Poll Roundup Of 2018: Your Stance On All Things Cruising

Top 10 Poll Roundup Of 2018: Your Stance On All Things Cruising

We’re about to enter yet another year of cruising which will no doubt be revolutionary.

There are already countless things to prep ourselves for; from one line scrapping gratuities altogether to the launch of a whole lot of new ships (including the first in Royal’s brand new class!)

But we need to dwell on 2018 as a whole before we step into 2019, and you’ve all had a lot to say on the most shocking, controversial and exciting topics. Let’s take a look at the best of the best…


1- What Is Your Stance on Carnival’s Strict Smoking Policy Update?

60%- Completely agree! There should be consequences

40%- Disagree- I think you should be able to smoke on balconies


Smoking is most definitely one of the most talked about topics within cruising, from whether you should be allowed to smoke on your balcony or even in public areas onboard!

Well Carnival just tightened their policy with the possibility guests caught lighting a cigarette on their balcony will not only be fined, but kicked off the ship at the next port of call…

This is one dividing cruisers, but where do you stand? Take yourself to the hot topic here!

2- Do You Think The Stewards Should Personally Keep Their Cash Gratuities?

86%- Yes, if any extra cash is tipped, it is specifically for that steward

2%- No! It’s only fair that all of the gratuities are shared and split equally

12%- Maybe, I think I’d rather know what each member of staff’s salary is first


In light of Carnival upping its drinks gratuities by 3% (bringing the fee from 15% to 18%), we asked our cruising community whether they think extra cash gratuities should be split between other staff.

Did you agree with the 86% or 2% or 12%? Take a vote in the poll right here…


3- How Do You Feel About Spending Christmas On A Cruise?

69%- Love it! Unbelievable daily views & all your food cooked for you

8%- Absolutely not- I only want to be at home on Christmas

23%- I’d consider it, but would have to be somewhere amazing


As Christmas grew closer, more people will prepping on the sunbeds then they were in the festive decorations box. A cruise over the December period is proving more popular by the year and 69% of you voted yes to cruising at Christmas!

But, are the views and brilliant food worth sacrificing your traditions at home? Click here to vote in the poll yourself…


4- Should Cruise Lines Stop Serving Customers Who Are Intoxicated?

54%- Absolutely! I don’t want drunk people ruining my cruise

2%- No- they’ve paid for their cruise and their drinks- they’re entitled to it!

43%– Maybe, it really depends on how much they’re affecting others


Drinking is something heavily linked to cruising, from drinks packages to robotic bartenders onboard Royal.

However, holidaymakers have started to ask whether it’s the bar staff’s responsibility to refuse to serve cruisers alcohol if they are too intoxicated.

What is your stance on the topic? Read up on the results of the poll here…


5- How Much Would Cruise Lines Scrapping Gratuities Affect Your Cruising?

55%- LOADS! It will really keep my budget down

33%- Not at all! I always factor in tipping cruise staff to my holiday funds

12%- I’m really not sure- I would have to cruise again to know


Back in August this year, P&O announced the groundbreaking decision to scrap tipping fees altogether! It will come into play from May 2019 as a result of the line’s stance on giving guests a memorable and special holiday.

If every other cruise line got rid of gratuities, would this make you cruise sooner? Have your say on our online poll here!


6- Would You Go On A Cruise Where Only The Captain Knows The Destination?

63%- Absolutely! I couldn’t think of anything more exciting

12%- Definitely not, I prefer not to be prepared

25%- Maybe, I think I’d be more keen if I was given a clue


This year, Fred Olsen released their ‘Mystery Adventures’ where the Captain would keep guests guessing about the destination until the last possible moment!

The question was then raised on whether the way forward with travelling is as Fred’s phrased it: “added anticipation of surprise, as they venture into the unknown”.

Would you be happy not knowing where you were cruising to? Check out the poll here…


7- What Would You Ask Alexa-Style Technology In Your Cabin?

7%- Bring me room service!          35%- What’s the weather like in tomorrow’s port?          2%- What time is the bar open until?

 7%- Play Barry White and dim the lights!          3%- Where can I get a cheeseburger onboard?          32%- Can you get me discount on my next cruise?

2%- Can someone wash my pants for me onboard?           12%- Other


Technology is taking bigger steps every single year and cruises aren’t lagging behind with the best of the best.

In March, MSC claimed an industry-first with plans to install Amazon Alexa-style virtual assistants in every cabin!

Every question and need of every guest will be answered by this instantly…Is this the type of technology that would sway you to join MSC? Join the discussion on the poll here…


8-Do You Think U By Uniworld Was Right To Remove The Age Restrictions?

41%- Yes, it wasn’t fair on anyone over 45!

16%- No, they should’ve finished what they started!

42%- Maybe, I wasn’t planning on cruising on it anyway…


The cruising world was about to be hit with a line strictly for the millennials! It included ages 21 to 45 with the intention of giving a more youthful and modern experience onboard and at port.

However earlier this year, Uniworld changed the rules and opened the line up to all ages in fear of limiting their audience, and in the realisation that “the experience is less about a number and more about attracting a new generation of adult travelers to river cruising.” Have your say on their last minute decision here!


9- Do You Think P&O Should Make More Ships Adults-Only?

83%- Yes, I’d love to cruise child-free

9%- No, it’s  not fair to break families up!

8%- Maybe, I’d have to cruise on an adult-only ship to know how I really feel


In February, P&O named a third ship in the fleet as adults-only! Aurora will be converted after its refit in March 2019 and guests who were booked on with families were offered the chance to re-book.

A shocking 83% voted they prefer cruising without kids, but are you an adults-only ship lover? Make sure you have your say on the poll right here!


10-Which British Tweak Is Most Important To You?

70%- I NEED a kettle in my cabin!          20%- Don’t need any- I’m on holiday!

9%- Favourite tea brand is a must          2%- It’s all about the condiments


2018 started with a bang for Celebrity as they revealed Celebrity Sihouette would be undergoing a number of tweaks to better fit for the British market!

This seemed the ideal next step after listening to its British guests and their love of tea onboard, kettles in their cabins and favourite brands from home…

Which British tweak is most important to you? Join the discussion here!


Click here for the most exciting cruises of 2019…

What do you think about 2018’s poll roundup? Which topic shocked you the most at the time? Are you usually shocked with other cruisers’ answers? What are you looking forward to most next year? Leave us your comments below…

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