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Top Ten ‘Don’t Do’s’ for Your Cruise Holiday

Top Ten ‘Don’t Do’s’ for Your Cruise Holiday

If you’ve never been on a cruise holiday before, you’re in for a wonderfully unique experience. Cruises are quite unlike any other type of holiday. You’ll also find there are certain things you just don’t do on a cruise – whether that’s to ensure you have the best time, due to established etiquette or for safety reasons.


1. Miss out on your dream cruise

There’s so much variety across cruise holidays that we’re sure there’s a perfect one for everyone. From different itineraries, facilities and budgets to styles of entertainment or dining, make sure you thoroughly research the options.

And remember, if all the choice seems a little overwhelming, get in contact with our cruise specialists, who’ll only be too pleased to help.

2. Pay more than you have to

Cruise prices are renowned for fluctuating, and it’s not uncommon to meet a fellow cruise guest who’s paid significantly more or less than you. The key is the timing; early-bird bookers and last-minute bargain hunters often pick up the best deals. Sign up to cruise line alerts to ensure you don’t miss out.

3. Choose the wrong cruise companion

Cruise ships may be large, but they can still feel pretty small when you’re avoiding a cruise companion you’ve fallen out with. Whether it’s a new partner, family member or friend, make sure your relationship is tried-and-tested before stepping on board, or sea days may end up feeling rather awkward.

4. Diet 

A cruise holiday is not the time to diet when there are so many freely available, tasty treats on board. From Michelin-starred, fine dining to exciting dishes from around the world and the most fabulous cocktails, cruise cuisine should be a treat to be enjoyed. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of opportunities to work off those extra pounds in the pool, gym or at an exercise class.


5. Annoy your cabin neighbours

If you’re enjoying a cabin with a balcony, it may be easy to forget how close your neighbours are (and how many you have!) when looking out across the open waters. Nevertheless, noise travels easily between cabins, so be respectful and avoid loud music, entertainment or arguments!


6. Try to smuggle in illicit alcohol

It may seem like a clever way to save money, but cruise ships are strict about the alcohol brought on board. Sharp-eyed crew check to ensure these rules are being followed and will confiscate anything found. Avoid embarrassment and check what you are legitimately allowed to carry on.

wine banned

7. Smoke in undesignated areas

Cruise ships have specific areas for smoking to ensure everyone is kept safe. Don’t assume that smoking is okay because you’re outside on your balcony. On the contrary, ships have cameras all over and smoking in the wrong place could lead to a substantial fine.

8. Throw things overboard

Never throw anything overboard, as they can be blown back on deck. If it’s a lit cigarette, it could pose a safety issue. But also avoid hanging stuff on cabin railings or sitting on them yourself – with the vessel’s movement, it could end in disaster!

9. Tip crew or staff

Tipping is expected on cruise holidays, and it can form a significant part of the crew’s wages. However, it is so part of the culture that most cruise lines either include a gratuity package as part of your holiday price or charge it automatically to your ship bill, so there’s no need to tip individually.

Seabourn Staff

10. Be late on board

Cruise ships run to a strict schedule, and guests must be back on board at the specified time. But these rigid timetables don’t mean you can’t enjoy exploring independently when you dock at a new port. Just make sure you plan plenty of time to get back. Double-check your watch is synchronised to ‘ship’s time’ too, which may differ from local times, or you may literally miss the boat!

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