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Top Five Pancakes of the World

Top Five Pancakes of the World

Today is one of the most glorious days of the year; Shrove Tuesday, a day where a simple traditional recipe turns our kitchens into taste sensations, with a variety of flavours, fruits and treats centred around a world famous and iconic dish: the pancake.

Are they dessert? Are they breakfast? That all really depends on what you decide to add, pancakes and fruit make a fine breakfast, while a dollop of ice cream makes a fine dessert. Or lunch. Or dinner. Or, hey, even a snack…

The humble pancake has gone through many transformations as cultures on a global scale take the innocent fried snack and appropriate it to their own tastes, but which pancakes are you likely to find aboard your cruise? Well let’s take a look…


The British Pancake

A large, very flat pancake, the British Pancake is one most of us would be familiar with. For many of us we have fond memories adding a squeeze of lemon juice and sugar – little bit of sour to mix with our sweet. Which, conveniently, sums up the British mantra nicely…

pancakes of the world

The British Pancake is most definitely a P&O pancake – the line which proudly proclaims “British is Back” would scoff at the thought of adding something as sweet as ice cream.

Cruise dinning


The American Pancake

Or should we say the “Pancake Stack.” Usually several, smaller and thicker pancakes stacked atop one another, drizzled with butter. The result is a somewhat intimidating tower that leaves a striking image in the mind – and in the stomach!


Needless to say Royal Caribbean’s “Bigger is Better” motto just screams “pancake stack.” In fact, any food that can be stacked, we dare say Royal Caribbean would be willing to try it.



The Dutch Pancake

How does a pancake with bacon and cheese taste? We’re not sure, but it sounds fantastic, proving that the Dutch know exactly what they want when it comes to the more savoury side of Shrove Tuesday. When they’re not adding the two greatest modern foods to pancakes they decide to settle on fruit, apples, raisins, and perhaps some treacle for the more plain-jane pancake fans.


It’s all in the name: When we think of these delicious Dutch offerings to the world of pancakes we think of Holland America – now, can we get those cheese and bacon pancakes in a stack?

350 A


The Japanese Pancake

A bit of an odd one in comparison to our other pancake brethren; the Japanese pancake is almost exclusively savoury. Sometimes with vegetables cooked right into the pancake batter, the “Okonomiyaki” (the Japanese name for pancakes) are usually served with shredded cabbage and seafood. A bit more like omelettes than our pancakes, then.


If you’re interested in a some Japanese cuisine we suggest taking a trip with Princess Cruises. With a fantastic array of cruises to the Far East, there will be much more to try than just pancakes.



The French Pancake

Also known as the “crepe,” the French pancake is more familiar than many. A thin pancake, often flavoured with sugar or a dollop of jam. Although, that’s  not to say the French do not delve into the savoury; indeed you can also find lunch and dinner pancakes served with mushrooms, ham, egg, cheese… Basically a pancake fit for any meal at any time of day.

cruise food

We recommend taking a trip down the Seine with AMA Waterways – the food on board is spectacular, but if you’re not convinced you can get off the ship and pop into a local café pretty easily – easier than getting a shuttle bus from the port, at least!



And there are our top five pancakes of the world – there’s a taste sensation to be found in every country, but which has got your mouth salivating the most?


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