Top Cruise Destinations To See Autumn Attractions

Top Cruise Destinations To See Autumn Attractions

As the leaves will soon start to turn vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, and crispness will fill the air, there’s no denying that autumn is approaching. It’s a magical time of year, and what better way to experience the beauty of this season than by embarking on an autumn cruise? 

Autumn cruises offer a unique opportunity to witness nature’s spectacular transformation while exploring some of the world’s most captivating destinations. In this blog, as well as taking you on a journey to discover top cruise destinations for seeing autumn attractions, we’ll answer questions such as:

Is autumn a good time to cruise?

Where is the best place to cruise to in September?

What is a good cruise to take in October?

Is November a good time to go on a cruise?

So, if you’re worried the holiday season is over, don’t fret! We’ll show you there are many spectacular sights you can still enjoy when travelling later in the year. 

Is autumn a good time to cruise?

Cruises in autumn can offer some of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences for many reasons. Firstly, the weather is often more pleasant and less scorching than in the summer months, making it a comfortable time to explore the outdoors. Secondly, autumn cruise destinations tend to be less crowded as families with school-age children return home, giving you a quieter and more relaxing experience. 

However, the real allure of autumn cruises lies in the breathtaking scenery. At many autumn cruise destinations, you can admire the changing leaves as they paint landscapes in stunning hues and create a backdrop that is both romantic and unforgettable.

So, now you see the appeal of cruises in autumn, let’s look at some of the top cruise destinations that give you the chance to take in some of these autumn attractions. 

Where is the best place to cruise to in September?

September is one of the best months to take a cruise, with the landscape in many places looking incredible and the weather often still being relatively warm. Here are three of our favourites:

Fall Colours in New England and Canada

One of the best autumn break cruises has to be sailing to New England and Canada. It’s a region famous for its spectacular fall foliage that turns vast areas into breathtaking colourful vistas. For one of the best places to see this fall foliage, head to Acadia National Park in Maine.

Many leading cruise lines offer itineraries that explore New England and Canada, and stop at Bar Harbor to take in Acadia National Park. These include Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises and Marella Cruises.

Mid-Autumn Festival, China

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in China each year in the autumn. This year, the festival falls on September 29th, and there is an 8-day public holiday in Mainland China. Also known as the Mooncake Festival, it is a time for family reunions and includes celebrations that involve lighting paper lanterns, eating moon cakes and giving thanks for the moon.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is also celebrated in Singapore and Malaysia, so it’s a great time to enjoy a cruise around this region. You could even add an autumn river cruise and experience the festivities from an excellent vantage point while seeing more of China’s breathtaking landscape. 

Where is the best place to take a cruise in October?

October is also a good month to cruise. It offers a unique charm as destinations become more peaceful yet remain equally enchanting with their vivid autumnal colours. You’ll also find some fantastic autumn cruise deals for this month.

So, what cruises are best in October?

Enticing Edinburgh, Scotland

If you prefer a cold autumn cruise, how about staying closer to home? Although an Edinburgh autumn cruise may not be the first option that springs to mind, it offers a captivating magic like no other destination. Cruise ships typically dock at the nearby port of Leith. However, getting to Edinburgh is easy.

From there, you can explore the historic city, warm up with a wee whisky and witness the leaves turning to fiery shades against the backdrop of the imposing Edinburgh castle and winding, cobblestone streets.

Several cruise lines offer British Isles cruise itineraries, including Fred. Olsen Cruises, Cunard and Princess Cruises. As well as stopping in Edinburgh, these cruises give you a unique chance to take in places such as Cork, Belfast, Liverpool and one or two of the UK’s surrounding islands in one trip. 

The delights of the Danube River, Europe

October is the perfect time to enjoy an autumn river cruise along the Danube. As you sail through countries like Austria, Hungary, and Germany, you’ll be treated to stunning vistas of vineyards, mountains and gorges. You’ll pass medieval towns, ancient castles and abbeys, all enhanced by the warm colours of autumn.

Every port stop on a River Danube cruise will be packed full of culture, from the impressive architecture of Budapest to the captivating heritage in Bratislava and the musical magnificence of Vienna. Avalon Waterways and Emerald Cruises all offer some outstanding river itineraries on the Danube and other European rivers.

Italian city treasures

Italy is a magnificent destination to visit at any time of year. However, it is even more inviting when the crowds have dispersed, and the temperatures are cooler in October. You can explore historical ruins, marvel at Renaissance masterpieces, savour authentic Neapolitan pizza, and soak in the timeless charm of cities such as Rome, Florence and Naples.

Many cruise lines offer autumn cruise deals that take in the highlights of Italy, and you’ll also often have stops in other gorgeous Mediterranean destinations, such as Barcelona, Marseille, Dubrovnik and Split. 

Is November a good time to go on a cruise?

November can be a good time for a cruise, depending on your preferences. It is the end of the shoulder season, so often, there are fewer crowds and great autumn cruise deals. However, being mindful of the weather is essential, as some regions may experience cooler temperatures.

The Caribbean is an ideal choice if you’d like a cruise holiday in November. Also, consider Asia or a Nile River cruise in Egypt.  

Repositioning cruises in autumn 

A repositioning cruise is another excellent option if you are looking for a cheap autumn cruise. As cruise lines move their ships from one region to another, they offer some fantastic autumn cruise deals. These enable guests to enjoy all the benefits of a cruise at a lower price with a one-way itinerary. Just remember to budget for your return travel. 

Typical repositioning cruises in autumn include itineraries that sail from America’s East Coast and Florida to Europe, South America to Europe, or Australia to Hawaii.

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