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Don’t Go Overboard! Why You Should Stay on the Ship in Port

Don’t Go Overboard! Why You Should Stay on the Ship in Port

What do you do if the port’s not of interest, or the weather’s less than desirable? Well, stay on board your cruise ship of course! Most ocean liners are now like floating islands, and are quickly being considered to be destinations of their own, due to the huge amount of facilities and activities on board! Read on to learn our top 7 reasons to stay on the ship!

Enjoy the Peace and Quiet

While everyone rushes to get off the ship, you may find that it is the best time to get some much needed R&R. So avoid the mayhem and stay on board to enjoy the ship at one of its rare quiet times. If you’re the kind of person who likes their quiet time to be 24/7, make sure you get a cabin with a balcony for your own personal little haven.


There’s No Queues!

We think that the best reason to stay on board is the fact that there are no lines to the restaurants or spas! It’s also considerably easier to get reservations at the spa than on sea days. If that’s not a good reason to break the mould and not follow the crowd (literally), we don’t know what is!

Portrait of happy young woman laying on massage table and showing thumbs up

The Port Day Offers

Most cruise lines now have ‘port day offers’ with significant discounts available on spa treatments, and even bars do happy hours! (If drinks are not included in your package). Some not included classes or activities still run on port days at a discounted rate too!

Double Cocktails with Tropical Island in background

You Can Save Money

Going off the ship whilst in port could be fatal.. For your wallet! With tonnes of shopping and pricey tourist filled restaurants and cafes, you could find yourself considerably lighter on cash by the time you return to the ship. So why not stay on board with your all-inclusive deal instead?


There’s Still Loads To Do On Board

Despite the Casino and shops being closed whilst the ship’s docked, there are still loads of things you can do without the chaos of the crowds! We suggest catching a flick in the cinema, you definitely won’t struggle to find the best seats!

Movie Theater with blank screen / High contrast image

Take Advantage of the Empty Pool!

In the hot weather the pool’s usually the busiest place during sea days. When everyone else heads off to explore the destination, the lounge chairs will be vacant so grab a book by the pool to relax and soak up the quiet. If you’re not one to sit still, then queues to those in demand water slides are also non existent!


Take Time to Explore the Ship

While you nearly have the entire ship to yourself, why not take the time to explore the vessel you’ve been calling home? Learn all the ins and outs of the ship and visit places that are otherwise too crowded to explore. You never know you may find yourself a hidden gem you had no idea existed!

OR-Drinks 3

Do you stay on board the ship whilst in port? What makes you get off the ship in the port? What are your top tips for enjoying time on board? Let us know in the comments!

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