Three Reasons Kruger National Park Is The Hottest Right Now (Quite Literally)

Three Reasons Kruger National Park Is The Hottest Right Now (Quite Literally)

African safaris usually sit fairly high on travellers’ bucket lists, but where is the greatest wildlife-watching destination? We’ve found out…

Kruger National Park is the dreamiest spot to head to for the best views of all Africa’s iconic safari species- zebras, lions, rhinos, cheetahs, buffalos, leapards, elephants, hippos and giraffes!

There’s a few seriously good reasons to start planning a trip to Kruger National Park right now, including luxury you never thought you’d find so far away from home…

3- A Viewpoint Second To None

Let’s face it, you need phenomenal views on your African safari so take a look at the variety of specific viewpoints you can plot yourself at in Kruger.


Bobbejaankrans overlooks a section of the Timbaveti river that you’ll witness animals visit to quench their thirst (this one is best for early morning or late afternoon).

If you want to catch glorious views of the rhinos, head to Nkumbe which is set on top of a rare ridge not far from the Tshokwane stop and restaurant!

For a bit more variety in the wildlife you can witness from one spot, Engelhard Dam is ideal. Catch elephants, buffalos and steenboks just on your route to the dam before you’re guaranteed to see waterbucks and lions!


Whilst it’s unbelievable witnessing it quite literally in the flesh, a bit of history goes a long way so you’ll be able to kick back at the Elephant Hall museum too.

It genuinely has life-size skeletons and all the information you want to leave a lot more clued up than when you walked in!


2- Perfect Picnics

Kruger National Park isn’t just about hopping on the back of a Jeep to be spun around the wildlife spots- it’s about seeking the creatures out for yourself.

Have you ever combined your lunch with a lion? We’re talking about the most picturesque picnic you’ve ever had and with Kruger’s selection of specific spots to head to for this, you’re spoilt for choice.


Nkuklu picnic spot is perfect for elephant-lovers as they love the riverbed here when it gets dry, whereas Babalala picnic spot is absolutely excellent for birdwatching in the vicinity.

If you fancy driving to and parking in your picnic spot, head to Pafuri where birdwatching is also prolific here or if it’s some shade you fancy whilst you sit with your binoculars, make Afsaal picnic spot your go-to!



1- A 5* Lodge Stay

A safari doesn’t mean having to give up luxury or comfort, believe us. Pick a 5* river lodge that keeps the spirit of Africa alive with its airy design that makes sure you never forget the magic of where you are!

The wide and open spaces of some keep things social so your camp can still be lively and exciting, but you’ll still have the privacy of your patio to take in the beauty of your surroundings from.


You’ll even be able to experience an African buffet around a fire outside for that authentic experience guaranteed to live in your head much after your time in South Africa. Has luxury ever been so unique?

Click here for the details of how we can take you to Kruger!


Which of the three reasons above is enough to sway you to visit Kruger National Park? Is an African Safari on your travel bucket list? Have you already been on one? Leave us your comments and stories below!

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