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Three Foolproof Ways To Avoid Being A Typical Tourist In Thailand

Three Foolproof Ways To Avoid Being A Typical Tourist In Thailand

Oh Thailand, arguably the dreamiest destination for an actual break from everyday life at home.

The Southeast Asian country is riddled with addictive beaches, sensational temples and the famous Thai charm, but you aren’t just cruising there to hop on a tuk-tuk and take a selfie.

Let’s throw the typical tourist must-dos out the window and get on board with getting to the heart of the really magical moments in this tropical getaway.

Here are three foolproof ways to avoid being a typical tourist in Thailand (you might need your wellies for the first one…)

Skip straight to what we’ve pulled together to make sure you can do this in luxury…


1- It’s time for your elephant mud bath

Mae Wang Elephant Conservation Camp

Ever heard of Thailand’s gentle giants?


You’ll get an exclusive, intimate insight into caring for elephants if you dedicate a day to the Mae Wang elephant conservation camp.

Take a breath of fresh air and embrace your Mahout outfit for a walk through the forest trail with the elephants, feeding session and mud bath…

Read more about your mud spa with the elephants here…


2- Sprinkle a little tradition onto your family lunch 

Lanna Thai Family Cooking

You don’t just have to go to Thailand to taste authentic Thai dishes after this…


Join a Lanna Thai cooking class and start with picking your fresh ingredients in yourself and taking a leaf out of the experts’ book…

Your head chef will bless you with the secret tricks of the trade and you’ll be tasting your own creations safe in the knowledge you’re bringing those Thai tips home!

Take a closer look at the Iconic Thai cuisine you’ll be cooking here…


3- Fill the sky with whatever you feel

Yi Peng Lantern Festival

Really get into the swing of Chiang Mai tradition with a little light…


Every year, Yee Peng (Yi Peng) is the festival of a thousand floating lanterns! It’s said to be one of the most romantic festivals of the year.

Dot the sky with your lantern and watch the warm glow above you (it traditionally sends away bad luck so get your lantern now!)

Chiang Mai’s lantern festival is high in demand so check it out here…


Would these three things be top of your list for Thailand? Are you planning on combining the three in our Ultimate Thailand package? Have you already visited? Leave us your thoughts!

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