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The Ultimate Guide to MSC Cruises’ experiences

The Ultimate Guide to MSC Cruises’ experiences

MSC Cruises are one of the world-leading cruise brands. Sailing for an incredible 300 years, they know how to curate a cruise that provides glorious, unforgettable memories.

When you cruise with them, after selecting your holiday itinerary and the ship on which you wish to sail, you’ll need to decide which of the MSC cruise experiences you’d like to book.

In this article, we share the differences between the MSC Cruises’ experiences to help you decide which is right for your holiday.

What are MSC Cruises’ experiences?

When booking an MSC cruise holiday, you can choose from three MSC cruise experiences; Bella, Fantastica and Aurea. The key differences between MSC Bella, Fantastica and Aurea classes are in the booking flexibility, the cabin types, the food and drink options and the services and amenities available.

To help you decide which offers you the best value, let’s take a closer look at what is the difference between MSC Bella, Fantastica and Aurea classes.

What is the MSC Bella class?

MSC entertainment

As MSC Cruises’ standard-class package, the MSC Bella class costs less than the other options. However, just because the price of the Bella class on MSC Cruises is lower, it doesn’t mean you won’t get to enjoy an outstanding cruise experience.

The MSC Bella class benefits include access to the main restaurant, which serves a range of fine dining dishes, and their extensive buffet, which is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night snacks.

You’ll also be able to enjoy all of MSC’s sports and entertainment options, including Broadway-style theatre shows, modern gym facilities, open-air sports courts and swimming pools and children’s club activities.

Cabin choice is more limited than the other experiences, and although preferred dinner sitting requests can be made with the MSC Bella class, priority is given to the other two classes.

Regarding booking flexibility, with Bella class, you can make changes to your booking but will be charged a fee.

Are drinks included with MSC Bella class?

When sailing with MSC Cruises, the main restaurant serves tea, coffee, water, milk, and iced tea free of charge. Juice is complimentary at breakfast time too. Some but not all of these drinks will also be free in bars in other parts of the ship.

Are there any discounts on MSC Bella class?

MSC Bella class comes with discounts on the drink packages that are available at the time of booking. MSC Cruises recently updated its drink packages and now offers five options to suit various needs, ranging from a Premium Extra package to Alcohol-Free and Minors packages.

You can also earn MSC Voyager Club points with the MSC Bella class, which will give you discounts and additional benefits when you cruise with them next time.

What is the MSC Fantastica class?

MSC Fantastica class is the next level up of experience with MSC Cruises. Therefore, the price of MSC Cruises’ Fantastica class will be more than Bella Class. However, with the added MSC Fantastica class cost, you get some great additional benefits.

As well as all the perks you can enjoy with MSC Bella class, MSC Fantastica class benefits include being able to choose your cabin and its location, with the option to amend your booking once without charge.

You can also enjoy breakfast served in your room with no delivery fee. And, if you are staying in a Balcony room or a suite, you’ll also get the first refusal on your preferred dining times.

What are the discounts on MSC Fantastica class?

MSC Fantastica benefits also include a 20% discount on a dedicated speciality restaurant prepaid package, giving you the chance to enjoy some of their top-class restaurants onboard at a great price!

Besides the standard free drinks provided on MSC ships, no other drinks are included with the MSC Fantastic class package. However, like the MSC Bella class, the MSC Fantastica class offers reduced prices on drink packages at the time of booking.

What is the MSC Aurea class?

MSC Aurea is the top-level experience with MSC cruises and offers some fantastic benefits, particularly around their spa and wellness facilities.
As their most luxurious package, the MSC Aurea class costs the most of their three experiences.

However, depending on how much you think you would make the most of these additional benefits, the price of Aurea class on MSC Cruises may offer the best value.

This top-level class comes with all the extra perks that MSC Fantastica offers, including cabin choice and booking flexibility. However, MSC Aurea class benefits also include free 24-hour room service and My Choice dining style, which allows you to dine at any time when the main restaurants are open.

You’ll also receive a welcome gift of prosecco and chocolates and have access to priority boarding.

One of the excellent MSC Aurea class benefits is the use of their spa facilities. You get free access to the Top Exclusive Solarium, the thermal area (adults only), and a range of well-being amenities in your cabin, including a bathrobe and slippers, and a pillow menu.

What are the discounts on MSC Aurea class?

Discounts on the MSC Aurea class include a 40% discount on a dedicated spa prepaid package and 10% off all spa treatments purchased while on your cruise.

You can also enjoy the same 20% discount on a dedicated speciality restaurant prepaid package as with MSC Fantastica class. When it comes to looking at whether drinks are included with the MSC Aurea class, MSC Cruises have made some changes of late.

MSC Aurea class no longer gets the Easy Drink package included, but you can still get discounts on drink packages at the time of booking and the standard free drinks.

There are some key differences between the MSC cruise experiences. It is, therefore, worth taking time to consider how significant these benefits are for you during your cruise holiday against the cost of each package to choose which offers you the best value.

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