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The Strange Food You Have To Try Whatever Corner Of The World You’re In!

The Strange Food You Have To Try Whatever Corner Of The World You’re In!

We all like to try something new, and what better way to get to know the new country you have sailed into than by trying their food? Whether you’re a real foodie or just a casual grazer, we’ve come up with the weirdest and most unusual food you can try wherever you end up sailing. Could your taste buds handle this? Read on to find out!

Fugu, Japan

Fans of the Simpsons may remember this odd dish which, if prepared incorrectly, can kill! Only highly trained chefs are brave enough to serve up this kind of pufferfish which is eaten raw, as part of the fish is actually highly poisonous. Sushi and sashimi fans may enjoy the taste, but those of you who give raw fish a miss on a cruise will want to leave this one out as well…

strange food

Black Ivory Coffee, Thailand

If you have a lot of money to spare, why not have a taste of the world’s most expensive coffee? Black Ivory Coffee is made by feeding coffee beans to rescued elephants and then brewing beans that are collected from their dung. No, really! This coffee is worth a huge amount of money and is said to be extra smooth. We think we’ll give it a miss though!

strange food


Hakarl, Iceland

Those of you travelling to Iceland on a voyage of adventure could be in for an interesting meat feast… It is not uncommon to find locals eating Hakarl, which is a rotten piece of Greenland shark! The body of the shark is left to rot underground before being hung to dry out. It is said that the taste is fairly strong and very fishy… Would you try this on your visit?

strange food

Snake Wine, China

Ever wanted a drink with a little… bite? In China and other parts of South-east Asia you may be served up a glass of snake wine! The unusual delicacy will have the body of a snake inside and is made by mixing in snake blood with the alcohol.

strange food

Grasshoppers, Thailand

Would you like some fries with that? This unconventional dish is said to taste similar to popcorn although has more liquid than your average sweet and salty packet. The grasshoppers are fried in chilli, salt and pepper and are served up as a snack.

strange food

Kangaroo, Australia

Although this dish is now becoming more popular all over the world, Australia is the home of this high protein, low fat meat. Lots of people eat it in burgers or as sausages and it is said to have a game-y flavour. The problem is though, kangaroos are pretty cuddly!

strange food

Huitlacoche, Mexico

The vegetarians amongst you will be relieved that there is at least one food on this list that isn’t just meat! Huitlacoche is a Mexican dish made from fungus found on corn that turns the kernels black with spores. It has a woody flavour despite not looking very appetising and is often served with a tortilla!

strange food

So there you have it! Have you ever tried any of these strange dishes? Have you tried any exotic food on your cruises before? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments below!

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