The Guide You Need To Selfie Your Way Around The World

The Guide You Need To Selfie Your Way Around The World

Taking envy inducing photos is one of the key goals of any modern traveller’s trip. It’s now a top priority to make sure you get a selfie with the hottest sights and capture the most incredible landscapes for your Instagram.

So you’re probably wondering what are the best places around the world to take a photo? Here at we have racked our brains and come up with what we think are the 10 most memorable spots that will have your friends and followers bursting with jealousy.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Why? The Aurora Borealis of course! Take a selfie with the Northern Lights, the world’s breath-taking natural light show. The lights are visible in Fairbanks between the winter months of December to March, due to the light of the summer prohibiting a clear view.

Did you Know? In the Summer it’s pretty much light 24/7 with only a couple of hours a day being night-time!


Istanbul, Turkey

Why? Visit The Grand Bazaar, a market experience like nothing you’ve encountered before. A feast for the senses, the market is bursting in colors, textures, tastes and the most incredible smells. As one of the largest covered markets in the world, there is no shortage of photo worthy things! Even the stall owners are willing to pose for a snap if you catch them in the right mood.


Machu Picchu, Peru

Why? A must see for any budding photographer is the Andes Ruins in Machu Picchu. Sitting a staggering 800ft above sea level, the World Heritage Site is home to free roaming Alpacas and Llamas who are more than happy to star in your photographs. The city was once thought to be lost, until 1911 when it was rediscovered by Yale professor Hiram Bingham!

Did You Know? The Spanish Conquerors had no idea that the city existed, which is why it’s still so well preserved!


Havana, Cuba

Why? If you’re a culture vulture, you’ll adore Havana. The entire city spills out onto streets to chat, play music and generally have a good time. Classic cars sit prettily outside ice cream colored buildings, and the sound of the locals fill the crisp sea air. You’ll be spoiled for choice for photo possibilities!

We recommend: If it’s a windy day head over to Malecon, the 8 km sea drive. During cold fronts the drive is closed for cars as the waves come and splash over the walls. So if you’re a thrill seeker go here for an experience that’ll rival a theme park!


Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Why? Fancy capturing some of the world’s most incredible wildlife? A huge amount of animals call the isle their home, including: Sea Lions, Whales and an immense amount of reptiles and birds! Due to the isolation of the island they even have some species you won’t find anywhere else in the world!

Did you know? The creatures that inhabit the Galapagos Islands inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection!

Sea lions resting under the sun, Galapagos

Oahu, Hawaii

Why? Located in The Temples Memorial Park in Kahaluu is The Byodo-In Temple. Built in 1968 in celebration of the first Japanese immigrants coming to Hawaii, the temple is a smaller replica of the temple in Japan. Snap a selfie in the beautifully landscaped gardens, surrounded by peacocks, peaceful waterfalls and ponds. You won’t believe you’re not in Japan!


Cinque Terre, Italy

Why? If it’s gorgeous architecture you’re after then visit Cinque Terre, a collection of rainbow painted fishing villages towering above the ocean. Cars are banned in the villages due to the delicate buildings, but there’s a 19th century railway and ferries that connects each village, so you can enjoy each and every one!

Did you know? The remaining buildings are mostly from the high middle ages, including castles and churches!


Skaftafell National Park, Iceland

Why? Because The Vatnajokull Ice cave is the largest glacier in Iceland and the most incredible natural wonder you’ll ever encounter. The interior is sculpted from years of wear and some parts resemble frozen waves, where others appear to be fresh out of a fantasy movie. From the photos, your family members won’t believe that this place isn’t actually magic!


The Flower Bulb Region, Holland

Why? Millions of Tulips, crocuses, daffodils and hyacinths all sit in tidy pleasing lines across gigantic fields. The result is an utterly gorgeous rainbow made from flowers of every colour. The Tulip fields are an iconic attraction to Holland, so they’re a must if you’re visiting!

We suggest: Take a relaxed cycle from Haarlem to make the most of the amazing colors!


Siem Reap Province, Cambodia

Why? Visit temples like the Ta Prohm, which appear untouched by modern day life. Relying on the massive trees that encompass them to hold them up. The temple provides the perfect photo op, as the sunlight glints through the trees and coats the buildings in dappled shadows, giving them an almost ethereal feel. You can even take a walk through the maze like corridors inside, some of which you can’t go through due to ruins of ancient statues.

Did you know? Ta Prohm was used in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider as the location where Lara encounters the mysterious girl.


So there you go guys, that’s our top 10 places to take a selfie around the world! Have you ever visited one of these places? Is there a place that you think is especially selfie worthy? What are the best holiday selfies you’ve ever taken? Let us know in the comments!

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