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The First Ever Women’s Only Cruise Officially Announced

The First Ever Women’s Only Cruise Officially Announced

The first ever women’s only cruises and unique hosted journeys has just been announced for 2017.

Women will be able to explore the world’s greatest rivers in the utmost comfort and embark on limited-edition experiential journeys, cruising the Amazon in March.

With more and more people opting to travel solo, Aqua Expeditions has launched these series to offer women a safe and inclusive environment to explore different destinations which may otherwise feel too ‘off the beaten track’ for a solo traveller.

With these cruises, women will have the chance to learn about new cultures and traditions whilst meeting new people who share the same excitement for adventure, whilst being able to enjoy a little bit of luxury at the same time.

Aswell as cruising down the rivers, guests will be able to discover hidden gems along the river through travelling by bike alongside the Mekong through local villages or kayaking down the Amazon to spot extraordinary wildlife. Guests will be offered hand-crafted itineraries with biking, kayaking, hiking, wildlife viewing and cultural ‘meet and greet’ with local community members.

The new journeys solely for women will represent relaxation at its finest with luxury accommodation along with 5-star guest service, with a focus on educational learning in the form of guided small group excursions into local riverside communities.

More and more cruise lines are now taking an interest into a more niche market, whether it be the removal of the single supplement for solo travellers or cruises strictly for a more youthful age group, but do you agree with this? Are you a fan of the idea of a women’s only cruise? Do you argue that it’s harder for solo travellers to decide on what cruise to take? Have your say…

Leave us your comments on today’s news! Are any of you glad there is now talk of a women’s only cruise for those who want to explore with the chance of meeting new people? Do you think there should be a men’s only cruise in this case? What other niche markets do you think the cruise industry doesn’t but should cater for?

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