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UPDATE: The First Ever Family Friendly River Cruise

UPDATE: The First Ever Family Friendly River Cruise


Disney have now revealed more details on their plans to enter the world of river cruising.

Adventures by Disney has announced some brand new sailings for its 2016 itineraries. There are now five sailings along the Danube in Summer 2016, and two more festive sailings planned for December that year.

Guests interested in a Disney river cruise will be happy aboard the AmaViola, one of the AmaWaterway’s custom built river vessels made with families in mind.

Destinations on the itineraries include stops in Germany, Austria Slovakia and Hungary with Disney Adventure Guides showing passengers all that these fabulous locales have to offer.

While on board, adults can participate in wine tasting, music, dancing and a fitness centre to work away the cruise calories. Families can also spend quality time with the children with Junior Adventurers Activities including game nights, movies, karaoke, relay races, chess lessons and video games.

The first Adventures by Disney sailing takes place July 2016, if you’re interested in sailing with Disney and AmaWaterways make sure to book now!

Original story as follows…

Disney have today announced that they will be partnering with AmaWaterways to bring the Disney brand to river cruising! And no, this time it’s definitely not an April Fools!

Disney and AmaWaterways will be offering family-focused river cruises, starting with the Danube in 2016.

AmaWaterways and Disney are having a new vessel built with families in mind. The usual river cruise cabins are comfortably sized for two people but this new ship will have cabins capable of holding up-to  five people.

The vessel will start by offering week-long sailings, visiting Budapest, Hungary and Vilshofen along the Danube.

Should this be successful you can expect to see more family-oriented river cruises open up in the future!

The project’s Disney head, Ken Potrock, clearly feels optimistic about the venture; “We think the Disney brand will bring families to the river cruising category, and we think that’s a very exciting development for the industry.”

Perhaps it’s only appropriate as one of Disney’s very earliest cartoons was of a river cruise….

Steamboat Willie – although we’re assuming Minnie won’t be using a cow’s tail to make music like an organ grinder. There are laws against that sort of thing these days.

Disney and AmaWaterways’ sailings will be available as early 2016. Now that river cruising is more open to families would you consider taking your family on a European river tour?

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