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The Essential 2016 Cruise Bucket List

The Essential 2016 Cruise Bucket List

So it might seem a bit early in the year to be planning 2016’s holidays, but believe us when we say there’s a lot to get planning for! 2016 will see brand new ships, new itineraries, fabulous destinations and so much more on the horizon.

So, before you get booking next year’s cruise take a quick look at these must-see suggestions…


Hello, Tokyo!

Mt. Fuji, Shibuya, Akihabara, Edo Castle, Meiji Shrine… Japan plays host to a huge amount of the Far East’s most incredible and essential sights. Whether you end up visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka or any of Japan’s cities you’re guaranteed a fantastic stay with some precious memories to take home – and some souvenirs, if you see anything that catches your eye!


We suggest taking a stroll over to the Meiji Shrine in Shibuya, Tokyo. This grand and elegant Shinto Shrine his dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken. The shrine began construction 100 years ago – quite impressive!



New Royal Caribbean Ships!

A new ship is always a cause for celebration – maybe even a cause for booking a cruise – but it’s an even bigger deal when that ship happens to be the largest in the world. Harmony of the Seas will be Royal Caribbean’s latest Oasis-Class vessel, weighing in at 227,000 Tons and prepared to accommodate an impressive 5,479 passengers. Even if you don’t think that bigger is better, you might be interested to know Harmony of the Seas will feature waterslides exclusive to this vessel… And more waterslides is most definitely better.


But that’s not all Royal Caribbean have to offer in 2016, the brand new Quantum-Class ship Ovation of the Seas will be sailing from Southampton over to China, following that up with a 52-night global odyssey. That’s definitely a good way to spend a chunk of 2016…



The River Sliced by God

Nestled on the border of the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazillian state of Paraná you can find Iguazu Falls, the waterfalls created in a deity’s fit of rage… Conveniently, you can now have a guided tour of the falls!


Long story short, a woman named Naipí was to marry a deity in the area, but Naipí escaped with her mortal lover, Tarobá in a canoe. Obviously not handling rejection very well, the deity sliced the river (assumedly with a knife or something, not by hand) creating a split in the land and tremendous waterfalls – condemning the mortal pair to a never-ending fall. That’s one way to deal with a break up…



Celebrity Take You Into The Action…

The world is a beautiful place full of diverse cultures, practices, festivals, celebrations, pilgrimages… It’s hard to get into the heart of a country’s culture and really revel in it – or at least it used to be, before Celebrity begun their Signature Event Sailings.


Celebrity are offering cruises where the passengers can enjoy some of the world’s most fantastic events, the Rio Carnival, Redentore Festival in Venice, the famous Cannes Film Festival, Mardi Gras and even more world famous events are easily accessible thanks to Celebrity’s Signature Event Sailings.



Carnival Vista, With The First IMAX at Sea!

Royal Caribbean certainly aren’t the only ones launching an exciting ship in 2016 – Carnival’s latest just might be their greatest. Carnival Vista has a huge host of features that make it one of the most attractive vessels to book. If you enjoy entertainment, the world’s first IMAX at sea might interest you! Or if you want to ensure the kids are entertained then rest easy knowing that Dr. Seuss Bookville is here too, with bright colours and wacky furniture to keep the kids comfortable while they read and play.


Conversely, if you want to stay a decent distance away from anyone under the age of eighteen then the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat might sound more up your alley, with private sun loungers and umbrellas it gives the perfect place to relax with some peace and quiet – not to mention the salad station isn’t going to have a queue of kids!



Tour the Globe, with a P&O World Cruise

If you haven’t considered a World Cruise yet, we urge you to reconsider immediately! In just a single journey you can visit almost every continent, see and meet people and embrace cultures that you may not have ever even fathomed. Needless to say, a World Cruise is the ultimate travel brag.

Arcadia, Fjords

P&O are making World Cruises easier than ever with their 2016 sailings. If you want the ultimate travel experience then you can have a full world cruise, literally sailing the globe. If you don’t have the time for a full world cruise, you can always opt for half of one! Cruise one way, fly back home afterwards.

AC-In Caribbean Small


See Dolphins in New Zealand!

Head down under next year, we’re thinking February or March, and visit the famous dolphins of Bay of Islands! You might be wondering why February or March – well, as you probably know the Southern Hemisphere experiences Summer during our Winter, with February being the end of Summer, where temperatures are almost always tropical. Then there’s March, where the heat dies off a little bit but will still be much hotter than what we Brits are used to during those months! Think high 20s, maybe low 30s…


Bay of Islands is world famous for dolphin cruises, as dolphins are almost always playfully swimming in the area looking to catch the attention of tourists. It’s also a fantastic spot for you dedicated fishermen, being internationally renowned for big-game fishing for over 80 years. Bay of Islands is one of the most popular destinations in New Zealand, and for very good reason too…



See Inside the Temple of Heaven

Take a trip to China in 2016 and see one of the most incredible buildings we’ve ever seen – the Temple of Heaven. Construction began 609 years ago and was named the Temple of Heaven in the 16th century. The temple has now been open to the public for 97 years now, letting normal people take a look inside the incredible structure – you don’t have to be an emperor to get in anymore!

Beijing, China at Temple of Heaven.

That’s a very good thing too, as the interior of the Temple of Heaven must’ve been designed the Chinese incarnation of Michelangelo, as the temple’s high ceiling is adorned in intricate and beautiful artistic details. You’re unlikely to see anything quite as incredible in Beijing…

inbside temple


The Irrawaddy – Cruise through Beautiful Burma

What can you see when touring Burma on an Irrawaddy river cruise? Giant Buddhas, incredible Pagodas, breath-taking sunsets, absolutely no winter and a whole bunch of other things we’ve spoken about in detail right here.


The Irrawaddy river is most definitely the best way to see Burma, being taken through all of the most famous cities, towns and landmarks. It’s an amazing country that we’re sure to hear more of in 2016 as river cruise lines like APT realise how fascinating an itinerary it is. Many of APT’s Irrawaddy cruises include several days of premium tours so you can see all the most fantastic sights.

SONY DSC - 2016 cruise


So there’s our 2016 bucket list – a selection of places we think you just cannot ignore! Which of the above do you find the most appealing? Which have you already crossed off the bucket list? What are you putting on your own list? Let us know in the comments below!

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