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The Cruising Edition Of The Creepiest, Most Haunted Ships At Sea

The Cruising Edition Of The Creepiest, Most Haunted Ships At Sea

The same question never fails to crop up…are cruise ships haunted?

Frightening experiences are rumoured to have taken place on the seas, from unexplained shadows in cabins to mysterious noises and having that eerie feeling replace one of comfort.

Right here is one of the only places you’ll find evidence of reported ghostly cruise happenings…

Queen Mary

First off, one of the most famous haunted cruise ships is the Queen Mary after its travesty in the 1940’s when crossing the Atlantic; there has since been reports of unusual sounds and ghostly apparitions round the ship.

It has been said that with at least 49 reported deaths onboard Queen Mary, that no wonder screams and mysterious sounds have been heard.

Click on the haunted decks of the Queen Mary below to see what we still cannot believe…


You can even join a paranormal investigator onboard Queen Mary and explore her most haunted locations (even those parts not available to the general public) and attempt to connect with the spirits that still live on the ship.

You can explore the ship’s most notorious paranormal hotspots with a trained paranormal guide and hear the harrowing tales of Queen Mary’s haunted past…

It turns out that going about investigating the most haunted ship to date pays off when you manage to record the evidence! This video reveals the sound of a voice whispering in the ship’s pool at 3am. Creepy, right?

Have you heard about these creepy ships? Find out why they’ve been abandoned and why they look like this…

And the most recent sightings have revealed a real ghost seen on-board a ship and caught on camera!

Those were the creepiest, most haunted ships at sea! Have you ever seen a ghost on-board a cruise? What stories are you most spooked by? Leave us your stories in light of Halloween…..

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