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The Cheapest Cruise Of 2016… For Just £59!

The Cheapest Cruise Of 2016… For Just £59!

£59 is not even enough for a hotel room for a night in most places. Not even enough for a family dinner a mid-price restaurant… but it could buy you a cruise!

We recently wrote an article (which you can read here) about how you can earn yourself a free cruise, but what if you could get a cruise for just £59?

There would be no flying, little cost, little fuss and you’d set sail in just under a month…

We’re talking about a last minute deal that would see you set sail from Newcastle and arrive in London Tilbury. You would sail for one night, enjoy a 5 course meal, on-board entertainment and a comfortable bed all for just £59.

You would then receive a complimentary coach back to Newcastle or you could extend your stay and explore the country’s capital. Sounds like a bargain to us!

The trip itself is cheaper than the drive from Newcastle to London and offers guests that sailing experience without the commitment of a longer cruise.

The cruise is described by Cruise and Maritime Voyages as a “taster cruise that offers the perfect introduction to cruising.” But we think even those who have cruised before would really enjoy it!

Guests would sail on the Magellan which is a 46,000 ton ship with 1250 guests.

You can read all about what the www.CRUISE.co.uk team thought of the Magellan here.

Interested in booking this cruise? Ring one of our specialist cruise consultants or get in touch with your own consultant here!

However, Cruise and Maritime Voyages aren’t the only cruise line who offer overnight cruises.

So would you ever be interested in an overnight cruise? Have you tried one before? Let us know in the comments below…

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