The Big Twenty: How To Make Sure You Avoid Cruising Cabin Fever

The Big Twenty: How To Make Sure You Avoid Cruising Cabin Fever

Cruise ships can feel like the biggest place in the world (especially if you opt for a mega-ship), but cabin fever is still a thing!

For some, the enclosed space can cause feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia commonly known as cabin fever and you can’t always just hop off a cruise ship as and when you feel like it.

Never fear cruise fans, cabin fever is quite easy to avoid. You’ll feel free with these top tips- your holiday is about to feel a whole lot better…

1– Opt for a Balcony

Yes- it does mean extra money but it does mean extra space, extra privacy and no cabin fever.

Having your own private balcony space can make all the difference, especially if you’re booked onto a busy cruise where it takes you 20 minutes to find a space by the pool!

Just imagine a quiet coffee on the balcony as soon as you wake up, and an exclusive glimpse of the next destination in the distance. We promise you it’s priceless.

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2– How About an Aft Balcony

If it’s that sense of freedom you’re chasing, then this option is even better than a balcony cabin.

These cabins are right at the back of the ship and offer uninterrupted 180-degree views of the ocean with a good bit more space than a standard balcony cabin.

The tiered design favoured by ships also means that an aft balcony cabin has the ability to make you feel completely secluded– it’s just you and the ocean waves, baby!

3– Splash Out on a Suite

If you’ve got more cash to splash, a suite will mean a whole lot of extra space to call your own with separate seating and sleeping areas, as well as outside space and maybe even a dining area!

The little luxurious extras also give you that homely feeling in your cabin! Your butler will plump up your pillow and draw you a bath so you really get your money’s worth…

4– Make a Little Splash

Mini suites are, you guessed it, like suites but smaller. Similar to a balcony cabin but will have a seating area as well as a sleeping area for a lower price than a full suite!

Still, it beats sitting on your bed to paint your nails/eat room service/drink tea/chat/read/watch TV or do anything else you want to do in your room. More space, more freedom!

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5– Overlook the Action

If you prefer the hustle and bustle of people and activities, rather than quiet ocean views, then a room overlooking the promenade deck is the one for you.

You can bring your fellow cruisers into your room (not literally) with a room overlooking the promenade deck or the Boardwalk (on RCI Oasis-class ships).

Or, if you want a view that’s still tranquil but doesn’t make you feel as cut off from the action as a long stretch of ocean, balcony rooms overlooking Central Park on RCI Oasis-class ships are definitely worth spreading the news about!

The cost of ‘action view’ cabins also tends to be set nicely between no-view and ocean-view, so could be a happy medium for claustrophobic cruisers on a budget.

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6– Virtual Views

If you’ve given up on the idea of a window altogether, how about a virtual one?

These floor-to-ceiling LED screens project real-time images of the ocean view that your cabin would have if it were an outside cabin.

No added cost for an unbelievable view that gives you that mini escape you’d use your balcony for. Clever, right?

No added cost for an unbelievable view that gives you that mini escape you’d use your balcony for. Clever, right?

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7– Go Zen

Choosing a spa cabin can be a great way to give your space a relaxing feel, however small it may be.

For lovers of luxury, the Samsara spa cabins and suites onboard Costa cruises are a serene haven on-board – and if you do need to escape your cabin you have direct access to the excellent Samsara spa areas.

Celebrity Cruises also bring the calming Aquaclass cabins to the (massage) table, which boasts private balconies and access to a Persian Garden, Relaxation Room and exclusive restaurant. all to be used as your own soothing extensions to your actual cabin space.

Regent Seven Seas also have spa suites on their new Explorer, which has an actual spa in-built into your cabin! Now that’s luxury…

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8– Go for a Megaship

Some first-time cruisers fear that the confined nature of the actual cruise ship will send them loopier than the onboard flumes.

The reality couldn’t be further from the truth, especially if you choose a mega-ship! You could go your whole cruise without doing, or seeing, the same thing twice- you’ll be spoilt for choice with no time for cabin fever.

If you don’t want to feel like you’re on a boat, choose a mega-ship – you’ll feel like you’re on a floating shopping mall, sports and leisure centre, entertainment centre and holiday resort, all in one.

9– Choose Your Family Room Carefully

If you’re cruising with your family (anything from the kids to the in-laws, to your brother’s wife’s cousin), choose your family accommodation carefully.

You can always rely on Disney to bring the magic with the simple addition of a curtain to family cabins, which means parents can read or chat while the kids sleep.

If you’re travelling with older kids or more extended family, and want to be close but not on top of one other, opt for interconnecting rooms with shared spaces that are set to change the face of family cruising!

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10– Get Up Early

If you crave space then why not be the early bird and go for an early morning jog (without having to play dodge the sun lounger or the very slow walkers).

Hit the gym, have a quite early breakfast at your choice of table or just spend some time exploring before the rest of the ship wakes up! It’s so much more refreshing than you think.

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11– Cruise Out of Season

Whatever your destination of choice, there are always going to be certain times of year that are busier than others so if a ship that’s packed with passengers doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, look into quieter times.

Just be aware that the weather conditions might not be perfect and a little of the atmosphere on board might be lost. We’re sure you’ll suck it up though, when you’ve got the pool or the gym or the spa to yourself- it is SO worth it!

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12– Try Something New

Getting out of your cabin is the simplest step towards banishing cabin fever, but doing the same thing daily on your cruise can make you feel just as claustrophobic.

Break out of your comfort zone (and peel yourself off of that sun lounger) and try something different, whether that’s rock climbing, ice skating, golf or cocktail mixing, to keep your cruise varied, fresh and cabin-fever free.

If you don’t enjoy it, at least you tried it!

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13– Go Back to School

You might be celebrating that SCHOOL’S OUT once you’re on holiday, but the onboard entertainment goes beyond musicals in the theatre.

Enrichment programmes have plenty to interest even reluctant learners, and the learning environments can open up whole new areas of the ship to you!

For example, why not sign up for The Cookery Club on P&O Cruises to learn from top chefs in a specially designed teaching kitchen?

Or stargaze with the Royal Astronomical Society in the only Planetarium at sea on Cunard’s QM2?

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14– Find a Favourite Hiding Place

There are lots of places to retreat to besides your cabin on a cruise ship– it’s just a case of finding the one that best suits you so get exploring!

Do you love to people-watch over a latte in a coffee shop, or would you prefer to find a quiet corner of the library and curl up in silence with a good book?

Everyone needs a heavenly escape even on holiday.


15– Go Rogue Onshore

Sometimes you need to escape from the same faces and voices, as well as the four walls of your cabin.

In these cases, skip the organised tour excursions and do your own thing onshore instead.

You’ll return to the ship refreshed and ready to throw yourself back into life on the ocean waves with vigour.


16– Burn Off Some Steam

Getting active can be a great way to stave off the dreaded cabin fever and that doesn’t have to mean going in circles on the running track.

Depending on your ship you could try the mini golf, the high ropes, the climbing wall, Zumba, yoga alfresco or working out with an ocean view.

It’ll get you out of your cabin and mean that those all-you-can-eat puddings can be guilt-free, well, sort of!

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17– Ditch the Room Service

Room service can be an exciting novelty on a cruise ship but whilst it’s tempting, it’s much better to drag yourself out even if you really don’t feel like it.

Once you’re up and out, you’ll be glad you’re there to soak up the atmosphere in your finest clothes with a ton of dining options to choose from!

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18– Stay Up Late

Make sure you’re not missing out on the greatest entertainment at sea- the bigger ships have everything from comedy clubs to cabarets to Broadway shows.

Resist the temptation to crawl back to your cabin after going heavy on the buffet and stay out late instead. You’ll feel far less restless, we promise!

19– Watch the Box

During the times that you are having a lay down before dinner or having a slow morning before hitting the buffet, you can always lose yourself in a movie or show.

There’s usually something in the TV guide for everyone. Even on Disney cruises, it’s not just re-runs of Dora The Explorer.

There’s also BBC, CNN, ESPN, Discovery, Sitcoms, Music Videos and more…

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20– Phone Home

Nothing can make you feel re-connected with the outside world than a phone call, email, or skype back home.

Until now, most on-ship communication has been confined to internet cafes, but it’s 2022 and that’s changed.

Cruise ship Wi-Fi boasts some of the quickest connections out there- you’ll have endless choices of communication and online browsing right at your fingertips!

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Have you ever had cabin fever before? How did you get rid of it? Do you have any other tips to share?

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