The Best Way To Experience Stockholm And Its Cruise Port

The Best Way To Experience Stockholm And Its Cruise Port

Sailing into Stockholm cruise port is a breathtaking experience, with its spectacular archipelago of 30,000 islands, islets and skerries. Stockholm itself was named the European Capital of Culture in 1998 and continues to be a vibrant, inclusive and welcoming city. 

With 300 cruise ships arriving each year, the port of Stockholm is important for Sweden’s tourism, being a gateway for hundreds of thousands of cruise guests seeking to explore this beautiful city. If you’ve booked a cruise holiday that stops here and are wondering what to do in Stockholm on port days, check out our guide below for some great ideas. 

In this guide to Stockholm cruise port, we also look at where cruise ships dock, how to get to Stockholm from the cruise port and what the best activities by Stockholm cruise port are.

Where do cruise ships dock in Stockholm, Sweden?

There are a few options for where cruise ships can dock in Stockholm cruise port. Frihamnen Quay is used most frequently. Meanwhile, Stadsgarden is Stockholm’s cruise terminal for larger cruise ships, and Skeppsbron quay is reserved for smaller vessels.

If you are sailing with Holland America Line or Cunard Cruises, you may anchor at Förtöjning På Strömmen and transfer to shore via tender boats.

At Stockholm’s cruise terminal at Frihamnen Quay, you’ll find a newly designed terminal building with good facilities including tourist information, a few food outlets and a restaurant, Wi-Fi, and taxis and bus stops outside the building.

The terminal building at Stadsgarden, in Stockholm’s cruise terminal, is smaller, with a tourist information booth and souvenir shop.

How far is Stockholm from the cruise port?

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Many of Stockholm’s main attractions are found at Gamla Stan. If your cruise ship docks at Stadsgarden, the distance from Stockholm cruise port to the city centre and this area is around 2.5km. While it is a pretty straightforward walk, most cruise lines offer a shuttle bus if you need assistance getting from Stockholm cruise port to the city centre. There is also a city bus that will take you there, and tickets can be bought from the tourist information booth.

When looking at how to get to Stockholm from the cruise port if your ship arrives at Frihamnen Quay, you have a few options. From Frihamnen Quay, the distance from Stockholm cruise port to the city centre is around 4.5km, so it is walkable if you feel up for that.

However, you’ll find that many cruise lines will offer a shuttle service. Alternatively, it is also possible to take a ferry from this part of Stockholm cruise port to the city centre.

For those cruise guests taking a tender boat from Förtöjning På Strömmen, your boat will usually drop you right near the centre of Stockholm.

Is there anything near Stockholm cruise port?

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is a fantastic place to start when looking for what to do in Stockholm cruise port and its surrounding area, with most cruise lines offering a shuttle service to this historic centre.

Regarded as the Old Town, Gamla Stan has a fairytale feel, consisting of meandering cobblestone streets, colourful, charming buildings and a variety of shops, restaurants and museums. 

It is also where you’ll find some of Stockholm’s main places of interest:

The Royal Palace

This grand, 18th-century Royal Palace is located in Gamla Stan. As the largest one in Europe with 608 rooms, it is certainly worth a visit when deciding what to do in Stockholm on port days.

The throne room is one of several rooms to which visitors have access. You can also see the palace armoury and its royal carriages and watch the changing of the Swedish Royal Guard.

Stockholm Cathedral

Stockholm’s medieval cathedral is also situated in the old town of Gamla Stan. Built in 1279, it is home to a range of fascinating sculptures and artwork, including St George and the Dragon (1489) and the legendary Vädersoltavlan (1535).

Stockholm City Hall

As one of the most recognised landmarks of Stockholm, the City Hall is the administrative and representative centre, with magnificent ceremonial halls and acclaimed pieces of artwork. It is also where the Nobel Prize Awards take place each year. 

If you are visiting Stockholm between May and September, one of the best activities by Stockholm cruise port is climbing the bell tower of Stockholm City Hall. From here, you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the city and beyond.

The Vasa Museum

In 1628, one of the most spectacular warships of its time, Vasa, sank on her maiden voyage. Over three hundred years later, in 1961, archaeologists and engineers managed to raise the ship, keeping much of its intricate wooden carvings intact.

You can now visit this warship and learn more about this incredible story at the Vasa Museum in Stockholm.

Skansen Open Air Museum

When choosing what to do in Stockholm on port days, Skansen is definitely worth a visit. As the world’s oldest open-air museum, you can discover Sweden’s history and traditions from years gone by. It is also home to a range of Nordic wildlife, including rare breeds and exotic creatures, as well as domestic animals.

The museum has an action-packed programme of activities, including concerts, singing and dancing, and Christmas markets, so it’s always worth checking their timetable before visiting to see what you can do. 

Boat Tour

With Stockholm stretching across fourteen islands, connected by winding canals and expanses of open water, spending some time on a boat tour is undoubtedly one of the best activities by Stockholm cruise port. 

You’ll have plenty of choices, from exploring the inner city canals to the longer trips experiencing Stockholm Archipelago that can take the whole day.

Our tip is to consider how much time you have available, and whether you want to explore the city sights by boat, or see more of the area’s natural beauty. 

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