The best way to experience Naples and its cruise port

The best way to experience Naples and its cruise port

Naples’ cruise port is the gateway for visitors to Italy looking to see the infamous historical site of Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius and the stunning Amalfi Coast. The draw of these popular attractions is one of the key reasons why the port of Naples is important today.

The city is the third-largest in Italy, with its port serving over 6 million ferry passengers and Naples’ cruise terminal handling over 1 million international visitors every year.

In our guide below, we’ll provide handy information for cruise guests who stop here: including where cruise ships dock in Naples, how to get to the city from the cruise port and what to do in Naples on port days.

Where do cruise ships dock in Naples, Italy?

Naples is located on Italy’s western coast, looking out over the Tyrrhenian Sea and close by to the sought-after holiday destinations of Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi Coast.

The cruise terminal in Naples is known as Stazione Marittima. Most cruise ships dock at the main pier, Molo Beverello, near Castel Nuovo. However, at times, berths 21 and 22 on the north pier are also used, which are a little further away. In this instance, a shuttle bus is provided to get to Naples’ cruise terminal building.

The terminal building at Naples’ cruise port is modern and well-equipped, with a shopping centre, tourist information, cash machines, restaurants and toilets. You can also pick up tour buses and taxis from here.

How far is Naples from the cruise port?

Naples’ cruise terminal is conveniently located for visitors. It is close to the city centre and has easy access to the main attractions and ferry, train or bus connections.

Most cruise guests can walk from the cruise port to the city centre within ten minutes, however, taxis are available if you need an alternative.

Top Tip!

Be aware of taxis directly outside the Naples’ cruise port, as most of them will be looking to take you on guided tours of the city. A few minutes walk to the main road, and you will be able to find more of the standard taxis.


A Hop-On Hop-Off sightseeing bus also departs from right outside the Naples’ cruise terminal building, next to the unmistakable medieval castle, Castel Nuovo.

The central train station is just over 2 miles from Naples’ cruise terminal- about a 30-minute walk. Alternatively, you could take a taxi to the station, for around €10, from which you can get trains to Pompeii.

You can also get public ferries to Capri, Sorrento and (in the summer only) the islands of Ischia and Procida from Molo Beverello in Naples’ port.

Is there anything to do near Naples’ cruise port?

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Castel Nuovo is right next to Naples’ cruise terminal. With two imposing round towers, a white marble arch and intricate frescos inside, this 15th-century military castle is definitely worth a visit if you’re a history fan.

Naples’ centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site, containing historical sites of more than 27 centuries, dating back to the early Greeks in 470 BC. Wander its streets to take in ancient fortresses, churches and aristocratic palaces. Piazza del Plebiscito in the western district is a highlight, with the majestic Francesco di Paola Basilica at one end and the Royal Palace of Naples at the other.

Naples Old Town is also an enchanting place if you’re looking to stroll around. Its streets are vibrant with colourful shops, cafes, bars and street sellers- providing plenty of shopping and dining opportunities.

Galleria Borbonica, or the Bourbon Tunnel, is another one of the best activities by Naples’ cruise port. This ancient underground passage was built to connect the Royal Palace to the military barracks, acting as a secret escape route. It later became a wartime shelter and a storage place for vintage cars!

Day excursions from Naples

Many visitors use Naples as a starting point to explore other destinations of interest within the region. For example, Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius and Sorrento are all popular places to visit from Naples’ cruise port.

Pompeii Archaeological Site

Pompeii is the Roman town close to Mount Vesuvius, which infamously erupted in 79 A.D. The eruption killed thousands but also covered Pompeii in a dense layer of volcanic dust, preserving many of these Roman buildings and creating a fascinating archaeological site of great importance.

It is approximately 15.5 miles from Naples’ cruise port to Pompeii Archaeological Site. Booking an excursion is the easiest way to get there, which most cruise lines will offer.

Alternatively, you can take the train from Naples central station if you would rather explore Pompeii independently. These run regularly and take around half an hour. If you’re looking for a faster option, private transfers are also available to book.

Mount Vesuvius

The notorious volcano that buried the town of Pompeii is also worth visiting itself on port days. You can explore the trails of Vesuvius National Park, including the Great Cono crater, discover Roman villas and gain impressive views over Naples and the Campania region. 

Mount Vesuvius is just under 12.5 miles from Naples’ cruise terminal. Usually, both private and cruise line excursions are available for visiting here. You can also take a taxi for around €25 each way.

If you want to use public transport, you’ll need to catch a train from Naples central station, then change for a bus at either Ercolano Scavi station or Pompei – Villa Dei Misteri.


Sorrento is a stunning place to visit. Built into the cliffside, its colourful houses, rugged coastlines and breathtaking views draw visitors from around the world.

The town is located across the Gulf of Naples, around 31 miles from Naples’ cruise port. The best way to get there is via ferry. This takes between 40 minutes to just over an hour and can be caught at Molo Beverello ferry station just by Naples’ cruise terminal.

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